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Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a disease which affects the female genitalia by developing outgrowths called cysts on the walls of the ovaries. This happens because of the improper fertilization of eggs released during the ovarian cycles. The reason behind this phenomenon is not yet determined as different experts have different opinions on the issue, but none of them deny the deadliness of this terrible disease which can even cause death! Yes, you read it right. A severe case of PCOD when undealt with can eventually lead to different types of health complications which will cause a woman to die.Women have been facing a lot of troubles with their health due to the kind of environment they are a part of and the kind of food they eat. A majority of women are suffering from diseases which challenge their entire body while affecting just one part. Polycystic Ovarian Disease is one of those terrible diseases which takes its toll on a woman both mentally and physically. Thankfully, the new has emerged as a savior for them because of its several properties which fight away the major problems caused by PCOD.

What are symptoms of PCOD?

Abdominal Weight Gain

Irregularity in periods is also a commonly observed symptom of PCOD.

Abdominal Weight Gain

 The unnatural weight gained around the abdominal region during PCOD is yet another symptom.


The unusual appearance of acne on the face of a woman during PCOD is a commonly 

Excessive Hair Fall

Women who have just begun to experience PCOD often witness excessive hair fall.



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