What is pcod/pcos?

PCOD stands for (Polycystic ovarian disease) or PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). PCOD is a reproductive endocrine gland disorder. It affects around 5% of women every year.In PCOS, there is an excessive amount of androgen hormone secretion by the ovaries. Androgen is a male hormone such as testosterone. PCOS is the main cause of female infertility, menstrual irregularity, and hirsute (excessive hair growth).PCOD is not a disease, it is only a condition where your hormones get imbalanced.

PCOD Leads to Weight Gain

Weight gain & Obesity are the prominent effects of PCOD. It increases the body weight from tummy, thighs and hips.

PCOD and Body Hair Growth

PCOD/PCOS leads to abnormal hair growth in different parts of the body in women. Generally the hairs can be seen on cheeks.

Irregular Cycle

PCOD also leads to irregular cycle periods in women. It can also be seen among women of young age.

Thyroid Abnormality

PCOD/PCOD also disturbs the thyroid hormones level in the body which causes a lot of problems including weight gain.

Pregnancy Issues

PCOD/PCOS causes several problems during pregnancy. It sometimes leads to abortions in pregnant women.

Infertility Problems

PCOD also leads to infertility problems in women. Several women do not get pregnant due to this problem.

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Vedas Cure Specializes for PCOD/PCOS

Vedas Cure has been working hard for years to find the natural solutions of PCOD/PCOS. Our doctors & Ayurvedic researchers have truly made the most innovative breakthrough to help lakhs of women suffering from this syndrome. Several young girls and middle aged women complained of development of multiple cysts on ovaries as well as irregularity of menstrual cycle, got benefited by our consultation and medication.  

Vedas Cure Personalized & Customezed Solution for PCOD/PCOS


The meaning of the world “Polycystic” is many cysts. Women affected with this problem develop a small number of cysts on their ovaries. The development of these cysts disturb the balance of hormone level  which further leads to abnormalities in the menstrual cycle, increased amount of  androgen hormones, excessive hair growth in different parts of the body, acne, pimples and weight gain.  

Its most dangerous side effect is prevention of ovulation which leads to infertility. Basically the eggs are released by the ovaries which are fertilised by the male”sperm. This is known as ovulation. This prevention of ovulation disturbs the secretion of hormones and imbalances them in the body. 

Some hormones are produced in small amount while some other like the androgen male hormone is released in large amount. The increased male hormone disturbs disturbs the menstrual cycle and women with PCOD/PCOS complain of fewer periods.

Even if women with PCOD/PCOS conceive there is a higher chance  of miscarriage, pregnancy period diabetes (gestational diabetes), hypertension and premature delivery. PCOD/PCOS can be genetic also. A women whose mother or sisters have been diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS have more risk of developing this problem. 

We offer a specific and specialized treatment for PCOD. Based on years of research we have created a unique diet plan also which has been proven to be very effective & helpful to the people suffering from this syndrome. We have seen significant improvement among women within a month of taking our natural treatment. 

Generally the problem of PCOD/PCOS effects women on the age group of 14-45 years.  It is a shocking fact the approximately 2 to 25 percent of women in this age group have PCOD but they are not aware about it. It comes to the fore when they reveal the symptoms of PCOD. 

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