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pcos pcod ?

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pcos pcod ?

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What is PCOD/pCOS?

Symptoms of PCOD PCOS

How do we get to know that we are suffering from PCOS? The early symptoms of PCOS are generally mild which makes it difficult to get diagnosed at its initial stage. Some common symptoms that get noticed are:

  • Irregular menstrual periods means to have comparatively less number of periods or no periods at all.
  • Excessive and heavy bleeding or prolonged periods
  • Hirsutism that is unwanted and coarse hair on face, chest, and arm pits, etc.
  • Hair thickening or male pattern hair fall leading to baldness
  • Headache, anxiety and depression
  • Skin inflammation and acne
  • Darkened lines or spots on neck and under breast

Introducing Vedas cure pcod Treatment

Vedas cure an AYURVEDIC inspired initiative is providing the best treatment package to cure PCOS. We have come up with a unique herbal formulation PCOD CARE. Studies have proven that it is best to cure PCOD/PCOS as naturally as possible. Rajparvartani and guggulu are two magical herbs which can do wonders for a PCOS affected patient by removing toxins and improving hormonal imbalance. PCOD CURE is a formulation made with the extracts obtained from “rajparvartani vati” and “Kanchanaar guggulu”. This effective supplement with the benefits of ayurvedic herbs

Why vedas cure?

Vedas cure is a revolution in the field of medical science with a mission to provide the best ever possible health care services.

100 % ayurvedic

Only vedas cure provides you herbal medicine

Lose Weight

Pcod cause rapid weight gain, our medicine helps to loose it.

Reduces stress

Helps to maintain stress, keep you calm, internal

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Train the mind

Not only Body needs to be healed mind too

Balance hormones

Helps to balance the unbalanced hormones

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