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    Ayurveda is quite effective for PCOD treatment, Ayurvedic treatment involves the use of herbs to boost fertility and maintain a balance of hormones. It also requires you to go through various therapies and a balanced diet. All these play a vital role in overcoming PCOD related problems. Ayurveda claims that a human body has three types of forces in it, namely vatta, pitta, and kapha which circulate within the body and aid in performing vital bodily functions. An interruption in the harmony of these force of energies becomes the cause for diseases. From the Ayurvedic point of view, PCOD reflects vitiation of rasa and rakta dhatus. When levels of impurities and toxins increase in rasa and rakta dhatus, the body stores them in the form of cysts aroundovaries. So the presence of multiple cysts indicates high levels of impurities and toxins in this dhatus. From Ayurvedic perspectives, all these things can produce toxins in the body and cause diseases like PCOD. Sign and symptoms in PCOD patients suggest an imbalance of all three doshas. History of improper diet and lifestyle is generally found among the majority of PCOD patients. Excessive consumption of hormonal pills and contraceptive pills too is reported by many patients. Mental stress and lack of physical exercise are marked among quite a few ladies with PCOD.

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    INTRODUCTIONSomeone with PCOS would have already heard their every near and dear one telling themtips and tricks to deal with it, without asking for it. It must be super exhausting but do notworry this is a compiled version of all you have heard and much more along...

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    Having PCOS does NOT mean that you have hypothyroidism or have an increased chance of developing hypothyroidism. However, both conditions can coexist in the same person. Although PCOS and hypothyroidism are fundamentally different conditions, they do share...

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    What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?
    Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a chronic medical condition that can affect your reproductive, metabolic and psychological health. However, PCOS symptoms often go overlooked and undiagnosed due to lack of awareness, proper treatment protocol and delayed diagnosis. Although it can feel overwhelming to be diagnosed with a chronic condition such as PCOS, it is important to remember that you can manage all your symptoms with the right care. Like any other chronic condition, the earlier you start your treatment, the better are the health outcomes.
    How do I know if I have PCOS?
    Many symptoms of PCOS can seem non-specific such as weight gain, irregular periods or acne. So, often diagnosis can be delayed till years unless the symptoms get severe or obvious. If you suspect having PCOS, the only way to confirm is to get tested. Not every woman will have each symptom but certain hallmark features of having PCOS include irregular periods, weight gain, acne, excess facial/body hair, scalp hair loss, dark skin patches, mood disorders.
    I've already been tested for PCOS. Do I still need to get tested?
    ur doctors and experts perform a thorough examination of your symptoms, medical history and test reports. Depending on when you last took the tests and which tests were performed, our doctors can recommend whether you need to get tested again to help them have a clear visibility of your current condition.
    When can one observe the change in health?
    The manufacturers claim that it will require 3 months for the product to bring significant changes in the body.
    Is the product helpful in weight loss?
    It does not necessarily ensure weight loss. However, it does improve digestion which
    can indirectly be helpful if you are planning to lose weight. Exercising daily and
    consuming a healthy diet along with the product can help you reach the desired goal.
    Is it meant to be consumed even after PCOS is controlled and the menstrual cycle is restored?
    It is a matter of choice. If you think a good diet and exercise will be sufficient for you to balance your menstrual health, you may stop the consumption of products. However, consuming the product for a good amount of time even after the condition has been stabilized, is not harmful for the health.