Introduction –
Health issues have been at the center of attention across the world, mainly because they
affect not just one individual or country but the world as a whole. If a country is going
through a serious health concern, then the whole world has to suffer as a repercussion of
that because that particular country, no matter how little, has contributed towards the
growth of the entire world. Therefore, it becomes important to tackle these health
challenges efficiently and effectively and especially when it comes to the health of women
and girl children.
Women have been facing a lot of troubles with their health due to the kind of environment
they are a part of and the kind of food they eat. A majority of women are suffering from
diseases which challenge their entire body while affecting just one part. Polycystic Ovarian
Disease is one of those terrible diseases which takes its toll on a woman both mentally and
physically. Thankfully, the new Ovral G tablet has emerged as a savior for them because of
its several properties which fight away the major problems caused by PCOD. The tab Ovral g
is an allopathic medicine and we will talk about Ovral G tablet uses and how Ovral g uses its
basic functionalities to help against PCOD.
Everything that you should know about Ovral G Tablet!
About the tablet –
Ovral G tablet majorly focuses on one aspect of female health and that is to take care of the
unwanted pregnancies. It is natural that people get a little too involved when they have
faith in each other and end up doing something whose results they were not ready for. In
this situation, Ovral G enters like a hero and takes care of the unwanted pregnancies caused
due to accidental sexual intercourse. Doctors prescribe this tablet when a woman or a
couple does not want to have a baby they did not plan for.
Manufacturer and Ingredients –
One of the most famous pharmaceutical companies in the world which goes by the name of
Pfizer, has manufactured this amazing tablet which has not just one but many uses. We will
get into those details later on, but first you must take a quick look at the ingredients used in
making this tablet. The two major ingredients used in making this tablet are – a) 0.5
milligrams of Norgestrel and b) 0.5 milligrams of Ethinyl Estradiol. These two combined
make this tablet a good 1 milligram power tablet which has the following uses –
● Used Against Unwanted Pregnancy

● Irregularity of Periods
● Prevention of Release and Fertilization of Eggs
● Painful Menstruation
● Frequent Miscarriages
Before we take a look at the detailed explanation of these uses, it is important that you
know that these tablets are supposed to be kept at a temperature lower than thirty
Uses of Ovral G Tablet –

  1. Used Against Unwanted Pregnancies – If a woman and a man get involved
    physically and while doing so they did not have any kind of protection, then
    consumption of this tablet will reduce the risk of the woman getting pregnant
    significantly. It is advised that the tablet is taken within seventy two hours after
  2. Irregularity of Periods – There are several reasons because of which irregularity in
    periods is observed among women. It could be the unhealthy diet, smoking or alcohol
    consumption which has triggered this phenomenon. But anyway, as long as you have
    Ovral G by your side, you can be relaxed about this health issue.
  3. Prevention of Release and Fertilization of Eggs – Well, that is what exactly happens
    when a woman gets pregnant. The male sperm fertilized the egg of the woman and this
    eventually leads to pregnancy. When Ovral G is consumed within seventy two hours, the
    female body will be inhibited from releasing eggs and the fertilization will also get
    hindered and therefore, no unwanted pregnancies would be there.
  4. Painful Menstruation – These health issues have not just one, but many factors
    playing together. However, Ovral G provides immense relaxation against painful
    menstruation which makes it an excellent medicine for the job.
  5. Frequent Miscarriages – It is disheartening for any woman to go through multiple
    miscarriages as it takes a toll not just on their physical health but on their mental health

as well. While Ovral G does not promise a lot in this case, it has certainly proven to be
effective against some of the major problems caused due to frequent miscarriages.

  1. PCOD – The Polycystic Ovarian Disease is infamous for the pain it causes in women
    by attacking the well being of their private parts. Ovral G fights against PCOD by taking
    care of some of the major symptoms which are known to be troublesome in PCOD. For
    example, irregularity in periods is helped by Ovral G.
    Is Ovral G Cost Efficient?
    If it is money that has been a concern for you even after reading the above stated points
    about how useful Ovral G is against many major health issues, then you do not have to
    worry any more. The price of this medicine has been capped at ₹190 with a maximum retail
    price of about ₹240, it can be availed at a discounted price from many healthcare websites
    or online medical stores. Now, if ₹240 seems expensive to you, then it is okay that you will
    be looking for some other options but if it does not, then we suggest that it would be wise
    to invest money on this one.
    How to consume Ovral G?
    Well, now that you have received your pack of Ovral G, it is imperative that you know how
    to consume it. It is very simple to be on the track here as you can either consume the tablets
    before eating your food or after eating your food, it does not really make that much of a
    difference. Also, make sure that you begin with the pack on day one of your menstrual cycle.
    Once the pack is finished, you can get another one and repeat the same procedure until you
    get well.
    Common Side Effects Associated With Ovral G –
    Some of the most common side effects associated with Ovral G are listed and explained as
    follows –
  2. Nausea – The feeling of your head getting heavy and the urge to just close your
    eyes and lie down gets stronger upon consumption of Ovral G, but that is a common side
    effect which can be prevented by taking advice from your doctor.
  3. Headache – The severe pain experienced by your head after you have taken a dose
    of Ovral G is a commonly occurring phenomenon.
  4. Breast Pain – Now this one could get you a bit more serious, but as long as you get
    the necessary medical attention on time, you do not really have to be afraid of this.
    The crux of the above stated points is that it is okay for Ovral G to have some side effects on
    your body, but as long as your body is strong enough to take that damage or you have the
    right kind of medical assistance by your side, you do not really have to bother about these
    side effects.
    That was pretty much everything that you needed to know about Ovral G, now let’s just
    address the elephant in the room, which is, PCOD and why it is important to take care of this
    beast of a disease! Also, we will take a look at whether Ovral G is effective against PCOD and
    if it is, then how does it do so?
    Everything You Must Know About PCOD!
    What is PCOD?
    Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a disease which affects the female genitalia by developing
    outgrowths called cysts on the walls of the ovaries. This happens because of the improper
    fertilization of eggs released during the ovarian cycles. The reason behind this phenomenon
    is not yet determined as different experts have different opinions on the issue, but none of
    them deny the deadliness of this terrible disease which can even cause death! Yes, you read
    it right. A severe case of PCOD when undealt with can eventually lead to different types of
    health complications which will cause a woman to die.
    What are symptoms of PCOD?
    Just like other diseases, PCOD comes with its own set of symptoms which affects a woman’s
    physical and mental well being. Some common symptoms of PCOD are –
  5. Excessive Hair Fall – Women who have just begun to experience PCOD often
    witness excessive hair fall.
  6. Acne – The unusual appearance of acne on the face of a woman during PCOD is a
    commonly observed symptom.
  7. Abdominal Weight Gain – The unnatural weight gained around the abdominal
    region during PCOD is yet another symptom.
  8. Irregularity in Periods – Irregularity in periods is also a commonly observed
    symptom of PCOD.
  9. High Blood Pressure – The blood pressure shows a decent growth in the numbers
    because of PCOD.
  10. High Blood Sugar – Blood Sugar levels of women with PCOD are higher than
    If you witness any of these symptoms, then you must get yourself immediate medical
    Why PCOD Happens?
    The causes behind PCOD are still not known because of lack of research, however, doctors
    give credit to the following points for causing PCOD.
  11. Improper Diet – Eating unhealthy stuff at irregular time intervals can cause our
    bodies to malfunction, which in turn affects the way certain organs of our bodies work.
    Therefore, it is important to understand the need for a well balanced diet which does
    not contain anything that causes adverse effects on our bodies.
  12. Hormonal Imbalance – The entry of different kinds of particles in our blood causes
    the hormones of our body to get imbalanced. This imbalance often leads to different
    kinds of diseases. PCOD is also caused due to hormonal imbalance in women.
  13. Unhygienic Sexual Intercourse – At the risk of sounding crude, this point has been
    mentioned here but it is important to mention it because otherwise you would not know
    the importance of having sexual intercourse in a clean environment. Unhygienic sexual
    intercourse will not only affect the sensitive parts of the female, it will also impact those
    of the male, therefore, it is important to not get it done at some dirty place. The couple
    must take proper care while having sex so that the risk of developing STDs is reduced to
    minimum. P.S – Please do not misinterpret this into PCOD being a STD. PCOD could be
    caused because of unhygienic sex but it does not mean that it can be transmitted
  14. Pollution – Pollution affects the most vital parts of our bodies such as the eyes,
    ears, lungs, skin, heart etc. There is not a single part of our body which has not been
    affected by pollutants present in the air. PCOD could be caused due to these pollutants
    immigrating to some real vital parts of female bodies.
  15. Smoking – Smoking has an adverse effect on not just females, but males as well.
    While there has been no proof to verify that smoking in fact causes PCOD, it has been
    proven that it definitely worsens or acts like a trigger for PCOD and thereby making
    PCOD too strong to defeat. Hence, it is advised by many medical practitioners that one
    should give up on smoking once diagnosed with PCOD.
  16. Alcohol Consumption – The cooler friend of smoking, that is, alcohol is also
    responsible for worsening PCOD among many individuals because of the way it works
    against the basic functions of our bodies. It is not wise to involve yourself in alcohol
    consumption while having a health concern as serious as PCOD. It acts like a trigger for
    PCOD and it is definitely unwise to drink like usual while you are suffering from the
    These were a few symptoms which are believed to play a major role in either causing or
    triggering Polycystic Ovarian Disease in women. It would be a smart decision to keep a
    distance from the above stated potential causes of the disease known as PCOD.
    Treatments Available For PCOD
    Now that you know almost everything about the disease we are discussing, it is high time
    that you know about the methods which are followed while treating Polycystic Ovarian
    Disease and where Ovral G comes into picture while treating PCOD. These methods are
    mainly of three types which are being listed below –
  17. Allopathic Treatment – Allopathic treatment is the common treatment which
    modern day medical science makes use of to get rid of some of the major diseases.
    Allopathic treatment consists of tablets, injections and gels which are effective against
    several types of diseases. PCOD is dealt with by allopathy by consuming pills and tables
    which focus majorly on treating the symptoms of PCOD. This is exactly where tablets like
    Ovral G come into use as they are used to treat some of the most basic symptoms of
    PCOD like irregular menstrual cycles, improper fertilization etc. We will reflect upon this
    in detail later on.
  18. Ayurvedic Treatment – The great book of Ayurveda has a lot of natural remedies
    which can be used effectively against PCOD. There are many herbs and plants which are
    used to get rid of a disease like PCOD. For example, this famous herb which goes by the
    name of Kanchnar Guggulu plays a vital role against Polycystic Ovarian Disease because
    of its amazing medicinal properties.
  19. Homeopathy Treatment – Homeopathy is infamous for being slow in showing
    results, but it is one of the most effective treatments against PCOD because it takes a
    long time to fix what is wrong in a woman’s body which eventually causes PCOD. It
    focuses on restoring the balance in hormones of a woman’s body which means that it
    takes care of the root cause of the problem. Also, a homeopathic treatment focuses on
    bringing normalcy to the menstrual cycle by using the medicines available at its disposal.
    Comment over the effectiveness of these methods –
    Before we jump to how Ovral G works against PCOD, it is important to know about the
    efficacies of the above stated treatment methods.
    Firstly, allopathic treatment is a fast and effective treatment but it does come with some
    major side effects which might hinder the overall healing process.
    Secondly, Ayurveda makes use of the ancient methods to treat PCOD which may or may not
    suit an individual, therefore, the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment for a certain group of
    individuals always remains in question.
    Lastly, homeopathic treatment focuses on eliminating the root cause of the problem, but
    the duration taken to work against that is too long and with the current generation being
    impatient, it is not really a feasible option.
    So, it is up to you which treatment out of those written above you wish to take up against
    Effectiveness of Ovral G Against PCOD
    Things are going to get a bit more interesting from here on because we will explore how a
    simple tablet like Ovral G which is priced at just ₹240 could help you get rid of PCOD. Let’s
    take a look at some points which will verify the efficacy of Ovral G against PCOD!
  20. Stabilizes Menstrual Cycle – A common symptom faced during PCOD is irregularity
    in menstrual cycle. Ovral G takes care of that by stabilizing the menstrual cycle and
    thereby giving some much needed relief against PCOD.
  21. Improper Fertilization – Ovral G works against the improper fertilization of eggs
    which causes cysts on the walls of ovaries. This makes The tablet a great option for
  22. Hormonal Imbalance – The tablet works towards bringing hormonal balance in the
    body of a woman, which means, it also attacks on the root cause of the health problem
    known as PCOD.
    And that is pretty much all that Ovral G does against PCOD. It makes for a decent medicine
    for PCOD, but the main strength of this tablet lies in its contraceptive abilities and
    prevention of frequent miscarriages.
    Words from Consumers of Ovral G
  23. I took up a pregnancy test two days after I had sex with my live in partner, it was
    positive. Due to lockdown, the usual contraception pills were out of stock at the nearby
    medical store, so the person gave me Ovral G. To my surprise, Ovral G did a great job
    against my unwanted pregnancy. However, there were a few side effects like headache
    and vomiting, but eventually I got better.
  24. Ovral G was recommended to me by my friend and I was disgusted at the quality of
    the tablet. It did not suit my body at all. I was having irregular periods for a while and it
    only got worse upon consuming the tablet. I would not advise you to consume this
    tablet as it might or might not suit your body.
  25. Ovral G helped me get rid of the multiple miscarriages which I experienced due to
    the poor internal health of my body. It fixed what was wrong with me and today I am a
    mother of two healthy kids.
  26. Ovral G is a decent tablet. I ate it because I was having troubles with fertilization
    and it worked just fine. Not too good, not too bad.
    Frequently Asked Questions
  27. Does Ovral G have any side effects?
    Yes, it does have some side effects like headache, breast pain and nausea. However,
    these all are minor and if they begin to trouble you a lot, you should get in touch with
    your doctor.
  28. Is Ovral G a homeopathic medicine?

No, Ovral G is not a homeopathic medicine. It does not focus on the root cause of your
disease. It just helps you get some relief from the symptoms.

  1. Is Ovral G effective against PCOD?
    Not a lot. It does work against some major symptoms of PCOD, but you can’t rely
    completely on this single tablet for curing PCOD.

If you still have any doubts about PCOD and how you should get it treated, you can fill the
form below and we will get in touch with you.