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Lean Women With PCOS(polycystic ovary syndrome

In this Article we are going to have a look on lean PCOS along with obese PCOS.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a metabolic syndrome which is accompanied by multiple other symptoms too. When PCOS affects in overweight and obese women, they keep on gaining weight along with other symptoms such as irregular cycle, acne, hair growth, and infertility.

Many people think that PCOS patient is overweight, but this is a myth. Many women with PCOS have normal weight or are underweight. Woman with lean PCOS is a group which many people are not even aware of.

There are mainly two types of PCOS

1. Obese PCOS

A majority of PCOS women (80%) are overweight, high BMI, insulin resistance and typical PCOS symptoms include irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, hair growth, and acne. Women know about their PCOS when they are planning to get pregnant.

2. Lean PCOS

Some PCOS women have normal weight or low BMI with or without insulin resistance. They exhibit some common symptoms which include acne, irregular cycles.


It was found that more than their BMI or overall weight, the type of their body shape was more important and that is determined by the amount of fat in various areas. The fat distribution in the majority of these thin PCOS is either android or intermediate types, which clearly states that they have more fat in their upper body under the influence of male hormones as compared to their normal counterparts of equal weight and BMI. The amount of visceral fat is even more than the normal women of their age. Some recent researchers consider this android fat distribution as a surrogate marker for the reduced reproductive capability of the woman.

Insulin resistance seems to play an important role in the causation of PCOS but it’s unbeatable than lean PCOS suffer from some degree of insulin resistance which is intrinsic but obese PCOS have an additional superimposed IR which may be due to obesity. In several studies, it has been seen that insulin levels are either higher or normal in lean PCOS as compared to obese PCOS but thin PCOS ovaries are very sensitive to insulin as compared to women who do not suffer from PCOS.

Risk factors

Both types of PCOD (lean or obese) have similar risk factors. Which includes cardiovascular disease and various other risk associated with PCOS irrespective of body weight with the only difference being the severity and time when it presents. So all women with PCOS irrespective of their body weight should work towards preventing cardiovascular and other health problems. Encourage women to remain active and keep their food intake towards low glycemic index foods rich in proteins.

While those with lean PCOS need not to lose weight but they need to develop better eating habits and a good exercise regimen which would not cause weight gain. Try to include more vegetables, fruits, healthy gluten-free food.

In case you are a lean PCOS, you are doing pretty good. So, you must be aware of it. Try to do more exercise, maintain your BMI and have a healthy eating habit.

Thin PCOS natural treatment

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