Follow Our Science-backed PCOS Program From Home

Our 5 Pillar Approach prioritises every aspect of your PCOS – from infertility to mood swings. Get the best medical and lifestyle guidance to reverse PCOS- all from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t need to pause your

life to manage PCOS

Learn 50+ science-backed habits that fit into your life and go beyond weight

loss or diet plans

Understand your root cause

Beginner habit building

Clinical PCOS evaluation by gynaecologist to find the right treatment path for you.


Meet your Habit Coach to set the foundation of your unique reversal path

Understand what supplements and medications are required in your treatment

Start losing weight and see improvements in energy levels & stamina


Work with your Habit Coach who will guide you and keep you accountable to build 50+ habits to reverse PCOS symptoms. Your nutritionist and gynaecologist answer questions when you need.

Your supplements/meds continue to work

Build Consistency

PCOS Reversal

Periods start regularizing. See changes in your body, blood sugar & androgen levels


Progress to advanced nutrition, fitness, stress & sleep habits

Gynaecologist checks hormone levels to see if medications can be reduced or removed

Reduce risk of infertility, diabetes & cancer


Symptoms like acne, excess facial/body hair and hairloss start improving

Your habits stay with you for life as you start managing PCOS by yourself

*Intended for illustrative purposes. Everyone’s PCOS journey is unique.

Our members say that Vedas Cure is more effective than any

otherprogram or method they’ve tried


members said Vedas Cure is more effective than any other program or managing on your own.


women: lose weight within the first month at Vedas Cure

3 in 4

women: regularise their periods within the first 3 months at Vedas Cure

Tailor-made so you can fight your genes

PCOS is in your genes so you can’t beat it alone. We provide the expert help you need to fight PCOS at a cellular level and succeed.

Vedas Cure is the world’s largest online PCOD clinic.

50,000+ women are beating PCOS with us.



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