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An epididymal cyst is a cyst developed in epididymis present in the back of testicles. Initially,
they are small and undetectable, but with time they grow large and easy to detect. They usually
develop in middle-aged males, in children they notice between 5% – 20%. There is a long coiled
tube present behind testicles called epididymis that collects the sperms from testicles and
transfers them to ductus deferens. In Epididymal Cysts, a cyst is developed in that epididymis.
Symptoms of Epididymal Cyst
While there are no harsh symptoms of the epididymal cyst, it can be observed through the

  1. A soft lump on top or bottom of testicles
  2. Usually, painless.
  3. Filled with fluid.
    While doctors suggest there are no major harms of an epididymal cyst, after growing to a
    certain size, it can make you uncomfortable and even cause you pain or irritation. A lot of
    doctors suggest surgery is the only option for removing the epididymal cyst, but experts say
    with correct medication it can be treated without surgery. Apis mellifica 30 for epididymal
    cyst, is one such medicine that can be helpful to reduce and remove epididymal cyst naturally.
    About Apis Mellifica 30
    Apis Mellifica 30 ch is a homeopathy medicine that is responsible for treating many diseases. It
    mainly treats pain and swelling. The active ingredient in Apis Mellifica is APIS MEL that does the
    major job of medication along with sucrose being the inactive ingredient. Apis Mellifica 30 can
    be used to treat the following-
    ● Swelling of eyes and puffy eyes.
    ● Sharp pain in eyes
    ● Swelling in tongue, lips, mouth, face, and body.
    ● Throat pain and tonsil pain.
    ● Burning sensation during urination.
    ● Abnormally frequent urination combined with pain.
    ● Ovarian pain for females.
    ● Headaches and other body parts’ pain during the menstruation cycle.

● Swelling of the uterus during menstruation cycle.
● Pain and soreness after an insect bite.

Uses of Apis Mellifica 30
This is a homeopathic medication and is safe to use without worrying about any side effects.
Here are what experts say about apis mellifica 30 ch uses-
● Can be used to treat Swelling and Puffiness- Many people experience swollen faces
and other body parts without any specific reason. This swelling often comes with
irresistible pain. Morning puffiness of the eyes, lips, mouth, overall face and other body
parts is also a common experience for many. The puffiness doesn’t come with pain, but
it surely is irritating to have it just after waking up. Apis Mellifica 30 uses Mellifica that
is proven to reduce swelling and puffiness and reduce the pain caused by it.
● Eyes pain and headaches- Apis Mellifica 30 is also proven by experts to reduce sharp,
irresistible pain in the eyes and head. It is also helpful in headaches experienced during
periods. It can also be used to treat eye infections and swollen eyes.
● Pain in tonsils and other throat pain- Apis Mellifica 30 is also effective for throat pain.
It also reduces pain caused by tonsils and gives the potential of fighting and curing
● Pain, burning sensation, or increased frequency in urination- If the urination is
frequently combined with pain and burning sensation. Apis Mellifica 30 could be a good
medication to go for. It also helps if the urination is frequent but feels like the bladder
has not emptied.
● Menstruation cramps and pain- Menstruation cramps are experienced by around 80%
of women at some phase of their life. For some, cramps can be worse than a nightmare.
Many women accepted that cramps even hold them back in many professional
opportunities. For those women Apis Mellifica 30 can be a savior. It reduces cramps and
any other body pain that is caused by the menstruation cycle.
● Stinging pain from insect bite- Apis Mellifica 30 is also helpful for the pain caused by an
insect bite. Some insect bites can be very painful and unbearable. For such pain, Apis
Mellifica 30 can be used.

Is Apis Mellifica 30 effective for Epididymal Cyst?
Apis Mellifica 30 has also been proven effective for reducing epididymal cyst, and here
is how-
● Treats pain and irritation- While it doesn’t show any symptoms in the early
stage, it can cause pain and irritation after developing for a while. Apis Mellifica
30 is an expert trusted medication helpful in treating pain. So, it can be used in
treating epididymal cysts as well.
● Infection- Apis Mellifica 30 is also helpful in treating infection, so it can protect
cyst from developing any infection.
● Frequent urination and burning sensation- As already mentioned Apis Mellifica
30 is an effective medication for frequent urination that comes with a burning
sensation. If the patient is facing such issues due to epididymal cyst, that can be
relieved by Apis Mellifica 30.

Dosage of Apis Mellifica 30

  1. Usually, for adults 2 tablets and children, 1 tablet is advisable. But, it is always good to
    consult a doctor about dosage before starting the medication.
  2. Avoid eating anything 30 minutes before and after the medication intake.
    If you are suffering from PCOD or epididymal cyst, apis mellifica 30 can be your go to medicines
    to treat the same. However, it is important to take the right amount after having the complete
    knowledge of its side effects and risks.

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