Someone with PCOS would have already heard their every near and dear one telling them
tips and tricks to deal with it, without asking for it. It must be super exhausting but do not
worry this is a compiled version of all you have heard and much more along with researched
facts so one could make an informed choice.
When we talk about PCOS, one medicine that came our way was Natrum mur which comes
in several dilution levels like natrum mur 6x, natrum mur 200, natrum mur 30, etc. It is a
homeopathic medicine made by processing sodium chloride or salt. It is known to work
slowly but steadily and might leave a long-lasting positive impact on your body.

Natrum mur benefits are fortunately too many to cover and the most common ones are
listed below:
● It is known to re-energize your body in case you feel exhausted more than usual.
● It provides relief from vomiting or nausea.
● Known to help with pains in the pelvic region caused during pregnancy, inconsistent
periods, or normal periods.
● Keep the pulse rate in check.
● It helps with headaches caused due to sinus or congestion in the respiratory system.
● It helps with conditions like constipation by helping with inflammation and swelling
in the rectum region and results in smoother bowel movement.
● Known to help with anemia.
● It is good for hemoglobin and could be taken by anyone suffering from low levels of
Any kind of digestive disorder (like loss of appetite) or inflammation could be taken care of
by natrum mur.
● Is helpful against skin and scalp-related issues.
● It is also known to deal with edema in several regions of the body.

The list delivers an overview of this medicine and it is known to deal with several common
issues from head to toe that are of varied nature. Hence, it would be safe to say that
Natrum mur uses does exceed expectations.
Made from salt, the medicine does come as a complete package. It might be super unlikely
for one medication to be the go-to for several problems ranging from vomiting to
pregnancy, it is like a full cycle, no pun intended.
We have all heard the classic, “Health is wealth” dialogue when someone is trying to make
you feel better about spending a fortune on medication bills or treatment. Even though the
saying is not completely incorrect, health could go hand in hand with wealth if we talk about
Natrum mur.
● The medicine is reasonable enough, to not be heavy on your pocket.
● Since it is made from natural materials, it already is a cost-efficient option.
● Several companies manufacture the medicine and it is available in liquid as well as
solid form.
Natrum mur dosage would solely be a decision made by your doctor. Please refrain from
self-medication or trying and testing because the same apple which gives you benefits could
kill you with cyanide. So, sticking to the prescription is key, always.
Even extra happiness is bad for you (also, called mania), this is just medication and you
would not want to go overboard here.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a condition from which, about 10% of women of
reproductive age suffer. In this condition, the ovaries enlarge and have sacs filled with liquid
also known as cysts. It leads to several health issues further and raises a concern of
infertility if not taken care of in time.
In PCOS women face hormonal imbalance. Ovaries start generating more male sex
hormones than female sex hormones which act as a barrier in the normal release of eggs
from the ovary hence adding up to other related issues.

● If we talk about the condition as a whole, there is nothing concrete that would cause
PCOS or would act as a foundation for the condition.
● However, there are certain common reasons like genetics.
● Genes are a cause of many different conditions and diseases including PCOS. You are
at a higher risk if a family member is suffering from it.
● Obesity is known to branch out from other issues and one of them might be PCOS.
Abnormal weight gains are linked with issues leading to PCOS and even elevating
● Speaking about steps in PCOS and what causes cysts; an increase in insulin levels
results in more secretions of the male sex hormone (androgen).
● Later, male sex hormone becomes the cause of other problems.
PCOS symptoms are more or less like normal changes caused due to puberty and hormonal
shift and some symptoms might go unnoticed but it is advisable to consult a doctor if you
feel any change in your body.
● Not-so-periodic periods – One of the major symptoms in PCOS is fluctuations in
periods. Irregular periods or no menstruation at all might point towards PCOS.
Scanty periods, watery periods, heavy flow, or extremely painful cramps are not
normal and you might want to get checked.
● Obesity plays a role – Weight gain or obesity is a symptom of PCOS and acts as a
catalyst in worsening your other symptoms. Being overweight could aggravate your
● Acne – Hormonal imbalance disturbs a lot inside your body leading to acne and even
cystic acne that could last for a long time if not treated in time.
● Unwanted Hair – An increase in male sex hormones results in the growth of facial
hair and body hair more than usual.
● Thinning of scalp hair – Males are known for their pattern baldness after a certain
age and an increase in androgen might make your scalp hair super scanty.

● Depression – Symptoms are not limited to physiological aspects; you might
experience psychological symptoms too. Depression and anxiety are the two most
common psychological issues people face.
● Inability to conceive – Becoming pregnant might become an issue with PCOS as it
directly messes up your reproductive organs.
PCOS does make your body more prone to several other serious ailments. Since every organ
is linked, similarly, an issue in one part of your body might grow as another disease
● Diabetes – As mentioned, there is an increase in insulin levels which directly means
that the body becomes more prone to diabetes.
● Issues related to Metabolism – The abdomen region is not far from the ovarian
region and PCOS causes considerable issues with your metabolism.
● Cholesterol – In case you have not noticed, there is a pattern here. Diabetes,
cholesterol, and metabolism are all like different episodes of the same season;
● Cancer – PCOS does put you at a higher risk of developing uterus cancer, breast
cancer, and endometrial cancer. Cancer comes with its own set of problems, which is
why treating PCOS becomes important.
Self-diagnosis is not advisable especially for such a versatile condition. You should see a
doctor at the earliest if you see symptoms flaring up. Preparing a list of symptoms or
questions related to the condition would help the doctor get things out of the way, one by
A series of blood tests, an ultrasound, and an examination of the pelvic region by the doctor
are the most used methods of diagnosis for PCOD. There is no sure short way of diagnosing
PCOS but these three ways could evaluate your body on the inside as well as outside along
with your blood to rule it out or diagnose it.

Treatment of PCOS has no single path. It is different for different people. A medicine might
work for most people but it might do nothing for you or negatively affect you, so, a medical
professional would be the best person to use his/her knowledge of medicine and your body
to prescribe the most suitable medicines or treatments.
Treatment for PCOS could broadly be divided into two sub-categories:
● Self-care:
A. Exercise – Any form of exercise regulates blood circulation and could overall help
with your health.
B. Weight Loss – Weight loss or being fit has proved to help out with all PCOS
symptoms and is known to have decreased the dangers too.
C. Healthy Diet – Maintaining a healthy diet would in turn keep the vitals and weight in
● Medication:
A. Medicines to regulate your periods – Birth control pills or progestin pills help with
the menstrual cycle.
B. Medication for ovulation – Different medicines are aiming at ovaries producing eggs
by following different methods. Some examples of ovulation medication are
clomiphene, letrozole, etc.
C. Medication for excess hair growth – Medication related to hair growth aims at
keeping the male sex hormones in check as a blockage for excess hair growth.
Examples – Spironolactone, eflornithine, etc.
● Homeopathic Medication – There are several medicines in homeopathy from
Lachesis to Natrum Mur 200 that have proved magical while dealing with PCOS
symptoms and other related issues.
A. Graphites – The best choice for PCOS with constipation.
B. Sepia – The best choice for PCOS with back and abdomen pains.
C. Apis Mellifica – The best choice for PCOS with stinging pains in the ovarian region.

D. Lachesis – The best choice for PCOS with intolerance towards tight clothes.
E. Pulsatilla – The best choice for young girls with PCOS.
F. Natrum mur – Best for PCOS with irregular periods.
The medicine mentioned in the last point aims at regulating periods primarily and would be
the most important one as the most common symptom for PCOS is irregular and fluctuating
The medication aims at regulating periods and helps with suppressed or irregular periods.
As mentioned, irregular periods are one of the core problems, and in most cases, the
medicine’s ability to grant relief from that is an achievement in itself. However, correcting
menstrual cycles is not an overnight job and requires patience to work on the body to
regulate the cycle.
By helping with the menstrual cycle, it directly helps in pregnancy and might increase your
chances of getting pregnant/ conceiving a child. A person with PCOS who desires to have
kids is under constant stress. The medicine does work on the aspects of pregnancy and
works wonders for someone struggling to have a kid.
It works well with pain and inflammation of all kinds including the ones in the ovarian region
due to any reason. By doing that, it eases the flow of periods and bowel movement. Painful
period cramps could be avoided by using this medication and other related problems too.
Homeopathic remedies are considered a safer option than their other counterparts because
the risks involved are negligible. The side effects might be mild (if any at all) but do not have
any severe impacts on the body.
It might take a while to deal with the issue but it is known to have a long-lasting positive
effect on your body. Apart from that, homeopathic medicines are cost-effective and
chemical-free, mostly made from natural and organic substances.
Homeopathic medication could give a window for pregnancy. Most PCOS medication causes
birth defects but in the case of homeopathy, you might find an option that would not
become an obstacle in case you are a potential parent.

“Homeopathic medication has no side effects.” Is a myth. For most people, a homeopathic
medicine might not lead to a noticeable or severe side-effect but there is always a possibility
of some sort of mishap because bodies are different and immune systems are even more
different so how they would collectively react to medication would come as a surprise.
Just like other homeopathic medicines, Natrum mur 30, Natrum mur 6x, Natrum mur 200,
and other dilutions available, might have mild symptoms. Mild symptoms might range from
allergic reactions (Rash) to hot flashes or craving salt in food.
The doctor would be the best person to answer this for you, different dilutions are just
meant for different bodies. Whether Natrum mur 200 would suit you or natrum mur 6x
would be better is a question for a medical professional.
● If a medicine makes your symptoms or condition worse, you should rush to a doctor.
● Always mention any substance or food intolerance or existing allergies so the doctor
could keep that in mind while writing a prescription.
● Medicine might lose its true potential if stored in an irregular range of temperatures.
Hence, store it at an optimal temperature.
● Do not skip or discontinue medication without consulting the doctor first.
● PCOS medication is not always pregnancy-friendly, hence, if a kid is in your plans,
consider all your angles before following it through.
● Along with regular medication, consider regular check-ups too.
● For any doubt, major or minor, consult a doctor.
The importance of a prescription and the dosage could not be stressed enough. However,
outside of consuming the medication, there are certain things you might want to check

  1. Always check the seal and manufacturing/expiry date before buying a medicine.
  2. Keep it at a place that is inaccessible to children as they might not know best.
  3. Follow the medicine timetable diligently.
    A medicine named ‘Ignatia’ is known to be extremely similar to Natrum mur. Ignatia is more
    suitable for superficial aspects of diseases.
    Another such medicine is ‘Lilium tig.’ It does make the patient hysterical in behavior though.
    ‘Pulsatilla’ could also be a good alternative, the difference is in the emotional response post
    medication. A person consuming Pulsatilla would become more expressive.
    ● I was shocked at the results I experienced from this product. Within 5 minutes my
    eyes/nose were dried up and I struggled with this in the wintertime! Also, I was very
    interested to learn that it helps with ongoing/prolonged grief. Anyone who has lost
    someone should check into this as a source of support…for me, it was my child and I
    have talked with other parents that have also lost a child that found that Nat Mur
    30C did help. I have no idea how it does…maybe check with a homeopathic
    professional. Glad to have discovered this and all of the other cell salts!
    ● I don’t use it for a runny nose, but it keeps my menstruation symptoms under
    control. I use it when I’m extremely fatigued and I have a “foggy brain”. I use other
    things along with it, like my Avonex shots. I’ve used it for 21 yrs. Everyone is
    different, so I would see a homeopath expert for the right pellets to take.
    PCOS is not as scary as it seems, people with half knowledge about it have made it a big
    deal. The key is to break down every step in the condition into tiny bits and pieces and deal
    with one at a time.
    Every symptom/ issue can be dealt with in multiple ways. You just need to consult a doctor
    to know what is best for you and specifically you.