Periods can be a tough nut to crack. No matter how many pads or tampon companies show
hiking or working with finesse during their periods, there is no denying the fact that it is
extremely challenging. You might smile and greet your co-workers while you would want to
lay down flat on the floor and take pain medication like fries.
Just like all bodies are different, periods have variations too. Some women have their cycle
for a complete week, some get done in 3-4 days. Some women experience cramps worse
than a heart attack while others would just feel low on initial days and no physical pain as
This is where Lachesis 200 comes into the picture.

What Is Lachesis 200?
Lachesis 200 is a homeopathic medicine known to be useful during menstrual cycles. It is
made from the venom of a bushmaster snake mostly found in South America.
No matter how different the intensity of issues during periods might be for every person,
issues do not change. Bloating, cramps, acne, diarrhea, insomnia, and various other related
A lot of people would advise eating right and sleeping right and it might prove to be
beneficial for you long term but for some people, periods can be too difficult to just be
tolerable with healthy habits. Medication for the menstrual cycle has had a stigma for quite
a while now but it has become a necessity for strong, independent women who choose to
not let their menstrual cycle interfere with their plans.

Befriending Periods
Any medicine aims to treat symptoms and Lachesis 200 ticks all the boxes when it comes to
treating issues related to the menstrual cycle. Painful cramps or dysmenorrhea, acne,
depression, hot flashes are some of the most common issues women face during their
menstrual cycle or even before its onset (PMS – premenstrual syndrome) and Lachesis 200

uses includes bringing relief to all mentioned issues. It has also proven to help with the flow
and even psychological symptoms.
Lachesis 200 has proven to be useful to relieve the issues mentioned. Be it painful cramps,
inconsistency, acne, or other related symptoms; Lachesis 200 is a versatile medicine to suit
your requirements.

How much medicine is too much medicine?
Lachesis 200 dosage, just like any other medication, should be followed as prescribed.
Lachesis 200 is mostly advised to consume in a diluted form that is, with water, and has no
listed side effects when taken in diluted form and as prescribed. Overdosage should always
be avoided, if a certain medicine is not working for you, twice its dose will also not work for
you, it might harm you though.

Can Lachesis 200 harm you?
Lachesis 200 side effects are extremely mild to none. As mentioned above, when taken in
diluted form as suggested, Lachesis 200 has no known side effects. As every immune system
reacts differently to the same medication, there is a window open for mild side effects.
However, to date, no known case of side effects due to Lachesis 200 has been found. Which
makes Lachesis 200 a great choice for medication because it delivers what it claims and
grants relief from several issues and has no severe side effects.

Downsides of lachesis 200
-Lachesis 200 homeopathic medicine use has already been discussed and the key takeaway
is that it is homeopathic too. As it is homeopathic medicine and for the same reason is a
safer option to treat yourself as compared to an allopathic counterpart of this medicine.
-After all the information listed above about Lachesis 200, there seem to be only upsides to
the medicines and no downsides at all. Of course, there is a chance you might feel its magic
as listed because every person’s body is different but this is the safest option out there so
there is no harm in trying it out, literally and metaphorically.


People would ask you to avoid caffeine, refined sugar, and whatnot. It might be useful for
minimal cramps and issues but for something that isn’t vanishing away or even fading might
require medication. There is no need to face the pain and let it spoil your day(s) because
pain medication is harmful. Excess medication might be harmful but something taken in the
right amount would not harm you. Especially a medicine like Lachesis 200 with no known
side effects. Women are not supposed to face a painful week every month and do nothing
about it because there is a stigma around pain medication or because you are not strong
enough to just deal with it. Periods are different for every woman and no one needs to deal
with anything as medicine has reached great heights, and we have medication to provide
the needed relief without adversely harming your health. Hence, Lachesis 200 could be
super helpful for your menstrual cycle.