Thuja 30 is a homeopathic treatment for warts and other skin problems. It can also be used
to treat acne in children and skin outgrowths. Learning about Thuja 30:
● Thuja is a type of tree that grows in the Mediterranean region. Medicine is made from leaves and leaf oil.
● Thuja 30 is used to treat bronchitis, bacterial skin infections, and cold sores in the respiratory system.
● It’s also used to treat painful disorders including osteoarthritis and trigeminal
neuralgia, which is a nerve illness that affects the face.
● Some people use thuja as an expectorant, an immunostimulant, and to enhance urine flow (as a diuretic). It’s been used to induce abortions as well.
● For joint discomfort, osteoarthritis, and muscle soreness, thuja is occasionally administered straight to the skin.
● Thuja oil is also used as an insect repellent and treating skin disorders, warts, and
● Thuja is used as a flavoring agent in both foods and beverages.
● In the cosmetics and soap industry, thuja is utilized as a fragrance.

Why is Thuja 30 effective?
Thuja contains compounds that may be useful in the fight against viruses. It also contains
thujone, a substance that might induce mental issues.
Thuja 30 uses are not just limited to PCOD ailment, they cover a wide range. It is LIKELY
SAFE when eaten by mouth in food proportions, but there isn’t enough data to tell if it’s safe
when used in typical medical doses. A thuja overdose can cause nausea, vomiting,
unpleasant diarrhea, asthma, seizures, and even death.
A molecule called thujone can be found in Thuja products. Low blood pressure, asthma,
convulsions, and mortality are all possible side effects of thujone use.

Things you must know about Thuja 30 before you consume it:
● Breastfeeding and pregnancy: If you’re pregnant, it’s probably not a good idea to
consume thuja by mouth.
● Thuja has the potential to cause a miscarriage.
● Because of the potential for toxicity, taking thuja by mouth while breastfeeding is
● Thuja may worsen the symptoms of auto-immune illnesses by making the immune
system more active. It’s advised to stay away from thuja if you have one of these
● In certain people, taking thuja can lead to seizures. If you’ve ever had a seizure, you
shouldn’t take the thuja.
How does Thuja 30 help with pcod?
● This is the homoeopathic drug that can be used to treat menstrual irregularities.
● The occurrence of numerous cysts in the ovary is another criterion for its use.
● Thuja has the ability to dissolve and remove abnormal growths from any part of the
● As a result, it is also particularly successful in dissolving ovarian cysts.
● The majority of women who use Thuja have cysts in their left ovary.
● Thuja is also beneficial in treating hirsutism caused by PCOS.

How does Thuja 30 help with warts?
● Warts are generally treated with homoeopathy using constitutional medicine, which
is medicine chosen based on the patient’s overall understanding.
● Treatment consists of a single, well-indicated medicine based on the full spectrum of
● Thuja or a combination of medications for warts is commonly used by patients and
● Thuja occidentalis is the most common homoeopathic treatment for warts of various
● Thuja is used to treat isolated, jagged warts that smell or bleed easily, as well as
mosaic warts on the soles of the feet. It’s frequently used to treat genital warts.

Benefits of consuming Thuja 30:
● It’s also a laxative that can help with constipation.

● It is mostly used to treat arthritis and rheumatism-related aches.
● It can be used to treat depression and anxiety, among other mental illnesses.
● Helpful in the treatment of skin conditions such as wart development and edoema.
● Children’s vaccination-related adverse effects are treated.
● Painful headaches that cause insomnia are effectively treated with this medication.
● Warts and ulcers in the mouth and around the lips can be relieved with this product.
● Provides relief from itchy skin and eczema symptoms.
● It’s an efficient treatment for indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems.
● When it comes to bloating and flatulence, this herb is really effective.

What other remedy can be adopted as a problem solving agent for hairloss?
Occidentalis 30 (tree of life) is a homoeopathic remedy used to treat wart-like formations
on the skin and mucous membranes, vaccination side effects, bedwetting, dry, split hair,
white, scaly dandruff, persistent skin problems, chronic urinary problems caused by harmful
organisms, leucorrhea, neuralgia, constant nasal congestion and sinusitis, nasal polyps, and
muscle and joint tearing.
● Rheumatic, arthritic, and persistent headache problems can all benefit from this
● Aids in the treatment of skin eruptions, warts, spots, swelling, and warts.
● Indigestion, a lack of appetite, and constipation can all be alleviated with this
● If you have urinary problems, this is a great supplement to have on hand.

Dosage of Thuja 30
10 drops of dilution in a half cup of water three times a day, or as advised by your doctor
Precautions you must take while consuming Thuja 30
● Before using, read the label thoroughly.
● Do not take more than the amount prescribed.
● Children should not have access to this product.
● Under the supervision of a physician, use
● Keep away from direct sunshine and heat and store in a cool, dry location.