Menstruation is a very important phase of a woman’s life. This phase initiates a lot of changes in the woman’s body. Be it physical, hormonal, or emotional, a woman goes
through a rollercoaster ride when they first experience their periods. Menstruation was considered a taboo where the women were treated as impure human beings. But with evolving time our mindsets have changed a lot regarding menstruation. And now women do not need to shy away from menstruation and can accept it freely without any fear. We agree with the fact that menstruation is a life-changing experience for women. But every happy moment comes with a pinch of salt. Similarly, menstruation can be stressful when someone is facing the problem of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. It is a brewing problem among women nowadays and can create a worry for the suffering person. But krimson 35 is a wonderful medicine to deal with PCOS problems. PCOS is definitely a stressful experience to go through. But with proper medications from the start, it can get cured. There are a lot of treatments available starting from allopathic to ayurvedic that can be very helpful to treat PCOS. And among all these options, krimson 35 has been used to cure this problem for a long time. This article will reveal all the facts related to this medicine.


Krimson 35 tablet is an allopathic medicine that is generally used to treat problems related to menstruation. There are two hormonal medicines that are used in krimson 35 composition. These medicines are – Cyproterone and Ethinyl Estradiol. These two medicines together work to treat various problems of women starting from PCOS to delayed puberty in women. PCOS is a result of hormonal imbalance. A sudden increase of certain hormones can cause different problems. Krimson 35 uses these hormonal medicines to balance the increased hormones. It not only reduces the problems of menstruation but also works as a contraceptive pill.


Period problems can affect the facial skin as well and cause acne. These situations altogether get very hectic to deal with. Ignoring these problems can create further complications. That is why treating them with the utmost care from the very beginning is important. And krimson 35 tablets have certain hormonal properties that work magically to treat period problems for women. Some of the best uses of this medicine are discussed below –

A. Treating polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS):

PCOS is a disease that causes having multiple cysts on the ovary area. This disease can also cause facial acne, excessive hair growth, irregular or delayed periods, etc. But krimson 35 having anticoagulant properties deal with PCOS and its symptoms effectively.

B. Deals with the postmenopause problems:

When a woman hits the stage of menopause, their bodies experience a sudden change. And most women experience certain symptoms of post-menopause and among them, a reduced bone density is very common. This medicine regulates the estrogen hormone which is one of the most important female hormones. Having a proper amount of estrogen deals with post-menopause problems including the reduced bone density.

C. Solves the problem of delayed puberty:

Most women hit puberty at an average age of 14. Some get their periods before 14 while some even get them at the age of 18. This can vary from person to person. But 18 is the ultimate age where every woman hits puberty. And if a woman does not get her puberty even at the age of 18, it can be problematic. With the help of krimson 35, this problem can be solved easily. This medicine can balance the female hormones and increase the secretion of estrogen. This eventually results in getting the periods at the right time.

D. Used as a contraceptive pill:

Any woman who wants to avoid unwanted pregnancies can easily opt for this medicine. Krimson 35 is also known to have birth controlling abilities and thus it is used as a contraceptive pill.

E. Reduces period cramps:

Most women face terrible pain in their abdomen and lower back portions during their periods. It is known as period cramps. Period cramps are very hard to cope up with. But we can reduce them by using this medicine. It balances the estrogen hormone and helps to reduce the cramps.


This medicine is easily available in both online and offline markets. One strip consisting of 21 tablets can cost Rs. 358/-. Krimson 35 price may vary depending on the retail shops or online offers. One strip can last for a month depending on the prescribed dosage. The price of this medicine is a bit expensive but the results that are provided are worth it.


This medicine is prepared with two hormonal medicines and has the power to control or influence hormones. That is why consulting with the doctor to know the proper dosage is highly recommended. The dosage might vary depending on the condition of the patient or the purpose for which it is used. Krimson 35 needs to be consumed as a whole with water. It can be consumed before or after having a meal. But we need to maintain a fixed timing for consuming the pill. It needs
to be continued for 21 days and then we have to take a break for 7 days. The medicine must be stopped only after consulting with the doctor.


The most common symptoms of PCOS are discussed below –

  • Problems in periods like – irregular periods, delayed periods, or missed periods
  • Getting abnormal hair growth on the chest area, stomach, and back
  • Getting acne on the face
  • Hairline getting thin due to excessive hair loss
  • Sudden weight gain on the abdomen part
  • Infertility, etc.

    The exact reason behind PCOS is not known properly. The causes of PCOS can vary from person to person. In some cases, the female body can get higher amounts of androgen hormone. This hormone is primarily found in the male body but there is a little amount of androgen present in every woman. But an increased amount of androgen causes problems in menstrual cycles. It prevents the ovary from releasing eggs and causes cysts. It also initiates the overgrowth of body hair. Other than this, insulin resistance can also cause PCOS in women. In this case, the female body doesn’t produce enough insulin hormone that can eventually cause obesity. Obesity
    can make PCOS symptoms worse. The last possible reason for having polycystic ovary syndrome can be genetic. Women having a family history of mothers or sisters who had PCOS can get this disease genetically.


    Polycystic ovary syndrome is a very common disease among women. This disease can occur at any age between 15 to 44 in a woman’s life. But it especially affects women at the age of 20 to 30. There is no particular person who can get affected by this disease. But women who have a family history or genetic history of PCOS are prone to this disease. Having a mother or sister or aunt having PCOS can increase the risk of getting PCOS. It is also noticed that obese women are at risk to get PCOS comparing to thin women. Gaining massive weight can cause a disbalance of hormones that can eventually cause PCOS.


    There is no doubt about the fact that polycystic ovary syndrome is a serious disease. But we can treat this disease very easily at home by following certain important steps. There are allopathic medications as well. But some women find natural ways more comfortable to follow. There are a few ways that are very helpful in cases of PCOS that are provided below –

    • We have discussed that obese women are at more risk of getting PCOS. That is why the first and prime step to follow is maintaining proper body weight. A proper body weight helps the body to function properly by secreting the right amount of hormones. Obese women must try to shed those extra kilos to avoid PCOS.
    • Eating whole-grain food, green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, etc. can help to deal with PCOS. It helps the body to regulate the insulin hormone reducing the symptoms of PCOS.
    • Eat enough protein and carbohydrates. These two things play a vital role in controlling our hormones and in the functioning of the body. Having said that, we must avoid eating processed foods containing protein or carbohydrates. Eating excessive amounts of processed foods can make PCOS worse to handle.
    • PCOS can be treated with the help of some home ingredients. Among them, cinnamon is one remarkable ingredient to reduce PCOS. This sweet spice can help to regulate insulin and cures PCOS.
    • Ashwagandha or winter cherry is an ayurvedic ingredient that has been treating many diseases for a long time. Similarly, it can treat PCOS symptoms by balancing the cortisol level of our bodies. It not only improves the symptoms but also helps to deal with the stress related to PCOS.
    • We all know how yoga and exercise can help to have a healthy lifestyle. Doing certain yoga or some light exercise can help to maintain healthy body weight as well as to regulate hormones. But avoid doing extra exercise because it can disrupt hormone levels.

    Krimson 35 has two hormonal medicines called Cyproterone and Ethinyl Estradiol. Among these two, Ethinyl Estradiol works as the main agent to maintain the regulation of estrogen hormone. It fixes most of the problems related to menstruation. And the other ingredient cyproterone boosts the power of Ethinyl Estradiol. Also, it prevents the action of the male hormone present in the female body. This reduces the symptoms of PCOS. Altogether these two chemicals solve the problems of PCOS and reduce the symptoms.


    Although having a wide range of health benefits, there are some krimson 35 side effects. These side effects may occur due to improper dosage of the medicine. The most common side effects of this medicine are as follows –

    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Pain in the abdominal area
    • Rapid weight gain or weight loss
    • Pain in the breasts
    • Mood swings
    • Delayed periods
    • Insomnia, etc.

    An overdose can cause these effects. Most of these side effects get cured with time. But if someone is facing any of these side effects for a long time, they should consult with their doctors.


    Whenever we are consuming any kind of hormonal medicines, we must follow some strict guidelines. Following these tips are for our good only and help us to avoid any

    • Before consuming this medicine, we must consult with our doctor for an ideal dosage as per our condition.
    • Do not exceed the recommended dosage by the doctor.
    • This medicine should not be consumed with alcohol. It can create some reactions in the body.
    • This medicine is used as a contraceptive pill. That is why pregnant women must avoid consuming krimson 35. They must consult the doctor before starting it.
    • Breastfeeding mothers are advised to avoid consuming this medicine. It can create toxicity in breast milk and can affect the newborn baby. Do not start self-medication without the doctor’s permission.
    • Patients having kidney problems or liver problems should be cautious while consuming this medicine.

    Krimson 35 is used by many women. But it is always good to know about some customer reviews for better understanding.

    • I have been suffering from PCOS since my 20s. The symptoms were getting worse day by day. I tried different medications but nothing was working properly. Then my doctor recommended using krimson 35. My PCOS has improved a lot after consuming this medicine regularly. My body hair and acne also have reduced. I would definitely recommend this medicine for PCOS but do not forget to consult with the doctor first.
    • I was facing an excessive growth of body hair and face acne. I tried many options but the results were not satisfactory. Then I came to know about this medicine and started to consume it. I could see my acne recovering with time. I am very happy to use this medicine.
    • I started consuming this medicine after my doctor recommended it. But after a few days, I was experiencing some serious side effects. It did not work for me at all.
    1. What is PCOS?

      Ans: Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a disorder when the female reproductive hormones are disrupted to work properly. This hormonal imbalance creates various problems in the ovary area.

      • Is PCOS a serious problem?

      Ans: PCOS can get serious if it is left untreated. It can cause other health problems like – diabetes, high blood pressure, uterine cancer, etc. It can also create problems in conceiving.

      • Can I get pregnant while having PCOS?

      Ans: PCOS is not an obstacle to getting pregnant. There are chances of PCOS causing
      infertility in women, but it can be treated easily.

      • What is krimson 35?

      Ans: Krimson 35 is a medicine made with a combination of two hormonal medicines – Cyproterone and Ethinyl Estradiol. It is used to treat problems related to menstruation, like – PCOS, delayed puberty, post-menopause symptoms, etc.

      • How to take krimson 35?

      Ans: The ideal dosage of krimson 35 should be recommended by the doctor. It should be consumed as a whole tablet with water and should be consumed every day at the same time.

      • What will happen if a patient misses a dose?

      Ans: If a patient misses a dose of krimson 35, they should consume it as soon as they remember. But if the time goes beyond 12 hours of a missed dose, it is advisable to not intake the medicine. Continue consuming it the next day as per the usual schedule.

      • Can a pregnant woman consume krimson 35?

      Ans: Krimson 35 is used as a contraceptive pill. It should not be consumed by pregnant women at any cost. It can affect the fetus and create severe complications in the pregnancy.

      • Can I stop the course of krimson 35 without consulting with the doctor?

      Ans: No, you should not stop the course of krimson 35 on your own. Consulting with the doctor before stopping the course is highly recommended.


      PCOS is a hormonal problem that can create other problems like – diabetes, high blood pressure, or infertility in a woman. Dealing with all these problems is stressful but not impossible with the help of krimson 35. The combination of two hormonal medicines used in this tablet has the ability to balance the hormones and thus it solves hormonal problems. An overdose of this medicine might cause some side effects. But with proper medical guidance, these can be cured easily. Apart from causing some side effects, a proper dosage of krimson 35 can cure female problems like magic.