Ovabless is another great product from mankind. It has multiple health benefits including some women-related health issues. It has been in the market for long enough to showcase its benefits to the consumers and hence is used broadly in the medical world. The tablet consists of some of the crucial components that help the body function properly and promotes a healthy life. Other than that it also works on the hormonal level and clears out any dysfunction. Ovabless tablets are used for mental health as well and keeps the person stress free. The main use of this tablet is for PCOS. PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that causes effects on several body functions. It only affects women’s bodies. According to a survey, one out of every three Indian women is dealing with either PCOD or PCOS. The problem is, most of them aren’t aware of the difference between these two or don’t know about these conditions at all. The cases of PCOD and PCOS are increasing day by day and hence it is important to know about them.


PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome while PCOD is polycystic ovary disease. PCOS is a metabolic disorder while PCOD is not considered a disease. In PCOD the ovaries produce a large number of immature eggs that eventually turn into cysts. The ovaries get bigger in size and start secreting higher amounts of androgen (a male hormone) and that causes turmoil in hormonal levels. PCOS is a state where ovaries start producing higher amounts of androgen. It disturbs the process of eggs’ formation and eggs’ release due to which some eggs turn into cysts. The cysts developed in PCOS do not flow out during ovulation and start mounting up in the ovaries.

These two terms are generally confusing to many as it produces cysts in the ovaries and shows similar symptoms, but due to different reasons and procedures of cyst formation, the ways of dealing with these two are different.


According to a recent study, almost 27.5 million couples aren’t able to conceive due to infertility. One of the most common reasons for this infertility is PCOS in women. It hits one out of 10 women who want to conceive. PCOS can cause ovaries to become infertile up to 80%. The hormonal imbalance and an increase in androgens is the major cause of affecting fertility. Another reason for infertility due to PCOS is that the eggs don’t get mature enough to hold the embryo and hence it gets difficult to get pregnant. While it sounds daunting, infertility due to PCOS is totally curable and there are several treatments available for that. One of the medicines is the Ovabless tablet that is specially curated to handle hormonal issues and other issues that trigger PCOS.


The active ingredients of the medicine are –

● Vitamin A – Improves eyesight and immune system. Also reduces the risks of some types
of cancer.

● Vitamin, B1, B2, and B6 – Ensures good digestion, nervous health, and mental health.

● Vitamin C – Improves immune system, boosts antioxidants, and reduces risks of blood

● Vitamin E – Great for skin and hair health.

● Folic acid – Maintains good cell health.

● Mecobalamin – Helps in the proper functioning of the neuron system.

● Niacin – Improves cholesterol levels, is good for skin, and boosts memory.

● Chaste berry – Great in treating menstruation problems.

● Essential nutrients like magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese fulfill the
requirements of these nutrients.


A strip of 10 tablets costs INR 170. The price of the tablets is on the expensive side but it targets multiple body functions and hence is worth the price.


Ovabless tablet benefits in many-body disorders including PCOS. The ingredients help in the
PCOS in the following ways-

Treats hormonal imbalance – The main cause of PCOS is hormonal imbalance. The ingredients in ovabless help control the hormonal levels targeting the major symptoms of PCOS. In PCOS the androgen hormone level increases and estrogen production is also increased. Ovabless balances all the hormones giving relief from the symptoms.
Reduces unwanted hair growth – Women with PCOS also suffer from unwanted hair growth on the face. Unwanted hair growth is also a cause of hormonal imbalance. The estrogen present in the body is male hormones and causes facial hair. When the level of estrogen increases in the female body it starts producing on the face. Taking ovabless balances estrogen hormones and hence reduces unwanted hair growth at the face. Mental Wellness – Vitamin c and Niacin present in ovabless help in keeping a healthy mental state. PCOS often triggers stress and anxiety or it is also said that stress and anxiety can trigger symptoms of PCOS and hence mental wellness becomes very important for women suffering from PCOS. Irregular Period – the basic difference between PCOD and PCOS is PCOD causes immature eggs first that triggers hormonal imbalance but PCOS causes hormonal imbalance that is a reason for immature or infertile eggs. The hormonal imbalance also causes problems in the menstruation cycle and since ovabless is a great remedy for hormonal imbalance it regulates the cycle and provides a smooth menstruation experience. Skin issues – For some women, PCOS also triggers different types of skin issues including acne and unwanted hair growth. Vitamin C and vitamin A present in ovabless help improve the skin condition and fight acne. Vitamin C is also great for collagen production and is beneficial in skin health. Risk of diabetes – PCOS is also the cause of diabetes in women. A study found that women with PCOS are at a higher risk of diabetes. By controlling the symptoms of PCOS the risk of diabetes can be reduced. Women with PCOS are insulin resistant and the body cannot effectively use the insulin that can be a cause of type 2 diabetes. Ovabless helps in controlling insulin production and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Other than PCOS ovabless can also be used in many other problems and ovabless tablet uses
includes the following health benefits-
● Low blood pressure – vitamin C is a great way to control blood pressure.
● Absorption of Food – Vitamin B present in ovabless helps in food absorption. It also
helps in utilizing all the nutrients that the food has to offer.
● Skin health – Vitamin C is a great source of collagen production that improves skin
health and Vitamin E present in ovabless nourishes the skin and maintains the youth.
● Hair health – Many cosmetic brands use vitamin E in hair products as it is known as one
of the best ingredients for health and hence ovabless can also improve hair quality.
● Headaches – Medicine can also treat headaches that are caused by the poor health of
the nervous system. Another reason for headaches can be indigestion or gas and that
can also be treated by ovabless. Stress can also be a reason for the headache and that is
also treated with ovabless. so it can fight many reasons for headaches.
● Enhanced immune system – Micronutrients like magnesium iron zinc and selenium
present in blessed are crucial to improve health and to maintain immunity level and
hence ovabless can improve the immune system and prevent immune system-related

● Supplement – Ovabless can also be taken as a food supplement as it has many vitamins
and micronutrients that are crucial for a healthy body.

The ingredients available in ovabless tablets can show some side effects. Most common side
effects of tablet
● Irritability
● Skin allergy
● Diarrhea
● Vomiting
● Abdominal pain
● Constipation
● Fatigue

Some precautions to take care of while using the ovabless tablets are –
● Keep out of reach of children and in case of any accident, reach out to a doctor
● In case of any side effects, stop the usage of the medicine and consult a doctor
● Do not overdose on the medicine or do not take it for a longer period of course. Taking
the medicines more than prescribed will not show the results faster.
● The medicine has not been tested on pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and hence there are no facts to prove the safety of this medicine for such women.

It is clear that PCOS is a problem that is caused due to the imbalance of hormones. The excess production of androgen hormones causes the eggs in the ovaries to develop into cysts. Ovabless is a medicine that is helpful in balancing hormones. When the production of androgen and testosterone in hormones is balanced, the eggs do not develop into cysts and eggs are able to get the maturity period and can get fertile. And hence ovabless can help women to get pregnant and cut out infertility.


” I was dealing with the symptoms of PCOS for over a year and a friend of mine suggested ovabless as the cure of the PC. The doctor had said there is no cure for PCOS but the tablet has reduced the symptoms of PCOS giving me a better life. It also reduces facial hairs which was a
problem after being diagnosed with PCOS and hence it has proved to be a great remedy for
” I was diagnosed with PCOS last month and my doctor said there are many symptoms that are attached to it. To reduce the symptoms the doctor suggested ovabless to me and up until now, I have not felt anything different due to the PCOS. I am very familiar with the symptoms of
PCOS but maybe due to this medicine I am not experiencing any symptoms till now.”
“I started using ovabless for constant tiredness. I used to feel tired and lazy for the entire day and didn’t want to do anything. My doctor suggested this medicine and told me this may be the reason for hormonal imbalance or the lack of immunity and this medicine will work on both of the issues. Ovabless medicine has proved to be good medicine for my laziness. I still don’t know the reason but whatever the reason was, ovabless has cured it.”
“My doctor suggested me ovabless because of infertility. I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago and since then I am not facing any serious symptoms. But when I wanted to get pregnant it was becoming difficult and when I went for the consultation the doctor told me it could be due to PCOS. She suggested ovabless to me ovabless and told me to keep the doses for a month. I do not know for how long I need to use it to get pregnant but I have surely seen some visible changes in skin health and mental health. I am also able to sleep well and I am often in a good mood nowadays”
“I was having a lot of trouble getting pregnant and when I went to my then gynecologist she diagnosed me with PCOS. Suggest ovabless to me and I used medicine for the time period she suggested and I am very happy to say that I got pregnant and soon expecting a child.”


  1. Can this medicine treat acne?
    Ans. This medicine can treat acne only if the acne is caused due to PCOS. It does not give a surety to treat any other acne but it surely helps in improving skin health and collagen production it keeps the skin healthy and young.
  2. Can this medicine help me with infertility?
    Ans. Yes, this medicine can surely help with infertility due to PCOS. It balances the hormones in the body that are the reason for infertility. When the hormones get balanced a woman can fertilize an egg and get pregnant.
  3. Is ovabless a good medicine for insomnia?
    Ans. Insomnia can be triggered due to many reasons, one of the reasons being mental stress or anxiety. PCOS deals with mental stress or anxiety and provides a healthy mental space to the
    consumer. It promotes relaxation and a better sleep cycle.
  4. What ingredients does the ovabless contain which makes ovabless uses to include help
    with PCOS?
    Ans. The ingredients of this medicine are helpful in PCOS because they are known to balance the hormones which are the root cause of PCOS. The ingredients in the medicine fight the other
    symptoms of PCOS as well, providing the patient relief from discomfort.
  5. Does medicine cure PCOS permanently?
    Ans. PCOS is a lifestyle issue and not a disease and hence it can only be controlled and not treated. To control PCOS it is very necessary to do some basic lifestyle changes and avoid the
    things that trigger PCOS.
  6. How can I take this medicine?
    Ans. This medicine should only be taken under the prescription of a doctor as it may produce
    some side effects.
  7. Does ovabless medicine also include digestive problems?

Ans. Ovabless medicine can cure some register problems and provides a smoother digestive

  1. How is medicine different from the alternatives available in the market?
    Ans. This medicine not only triggers the main cause of PCOS but also takes care of other problems that can be caused by PCOS. It also deals with other medical problems such as digestive problems, weaker immune systems, etc.
  2. Does medicine also work in PCOD?
    Ans. Often people get confused between PCOD and PCOS but understanding the basic difference between these two is very important. PCOS is caused due to the imbalance in hormones and PCOD is caused due to the immature eggs that develop into cysts. This medicine has nothing to do with the causes of PCOD and hence it can treat some symptoms caused by PCOD but cannot target the main cause.
  3. Can I take this medicine without the doctor’s permission?
    Ans. It is always advisable to take any medicine under the surveillance of a doctor only. A doctor can prescribe you the medicine according to your own health condition. Everybody is different and medicine that has worked for one body may or may not work for another so consulting a doctor is the best you can do.

There is a need for a deep understanding of the problems like PCOD and PCOS. These problems are so common that they are affecting many women and are giving them unwanted symptoms. PCOS is a lifestyle disorder and can only be treated permanently when the lifestyle habits are changed and healthy habits are included in life. Ovabless can help the person dealing with PCOS to deal with the symptoms. It also targets the main cause of PCOS that is the imbalance of hormones giving them relief but it does not promise a permanent result. Once you stop taking the medicine the symptoms may occur again and changing habits to deal with PCOS is always better than any medicine. Ovabless side effects can also be experienced for some women but they are mild and don’t require attention before giving the medicine a try. Overall these medicines can be helpful for many patients dealing with PCOS and for women who are facing infertility issues due to PCOS.