Since the age of 12, girls experience severe changes in the body every month due to the onset of puberty. The monthly cycle of periods causes imbalances in the hormones and makes us go through many changes like the growth of underarm hair, pubic hair, pimple, acne, changes in voice, change in body shape, change in hair – generally causing hair fall and damage, change in voice and overall personality development. This is when girls, some young, some old, get infected with a common disorder – PCOS which makes the periods irregular and aggravates all the changes. Do you suffer from PCOS? Do you know someone suffering from PCOS? As we grow up, we tend to learn and understand the cause and occurrence of the disorder and its longevity. Many medicines like cystelia 35 are present in the market to ease out the process and make the disorder bearable. Let us know all about it here.


The main cause for the occurrence of PCOS is still unknown. However, it is believed the hormonal imbalances have a major role in the cause. They are the reason why the female body suffers from different changes. Cystelia 35 is one such medicine that is made from the combination of two hormonal medicines namely Cyproterone and Ethinyl Estradiol. Cyproterone, also known as cyproterone acetate, works as an anti-androgen in the body. We must know that a female body consists of both male and female hormones. It is because of the increase in male hormones that the problem of PCOS generally occurs. So, androgen – a male hormone is suppressed by cyproterone, one of the hormonal medicines used to make cystelia 35. Ethinyl estradiol, on the other hand, affects the female hormone – estrogen. It controls the
hormones and acts as a birth control pill. The medicine restricts the ovaries to release the egg and thickens the uterus walls so that sperm does not enter the body.
Cystelia 35 is the combination of these two hormonal medicines that individually act on the male and female hormones in the body and help in regulating the balance.


The medicine is generally available as a strip of 10 cystelia tablets ranging from 200 to 300. It may seem that cystelia prices are somewhat expensive but when the disorder is severe, the price gradually increases. With increasing costs of diagnosis, treatment, and medication it is becoming difficult for the common man to deal with situations. But since these are important we have to spend on them. Nowadays, there are many online sites that offer reasonable discounts and cashback for extra benefits, make sure to go through these to be benefitted.

  1. Benefits PCOS
    The medicine is specifically designed to benefit us from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Cystelia uses the combination of two hormonal medicines to help with the disorder. As we know, women suffering from PCOS have high levels of androgen – male hormones in the body. These hormones cause
    • Coarse body hair especially in the chin similar to mustache and beard
    • Irregular periods
    • The increased amount of acne in the face
    • A bit of coarseness in the voice

      Cystelia 35 medicine helps in regulating the high levels of hormones and maintaining a balance in the body. The tablets suppress the secretion of androgen in the body which further helps in curing excessive body hair occurring in the body and bringing in regular periods.

      • Acts as a birth control pill

      As we know that cystelia 35 tablets are made up of a combination of two hormonal medicines. Out of these, one of the medicines helps in controlling and regulating estrogen hormones. The medicine prohibits the ovaries from releasing the eggs in the body, helping in delaying ovulation and ultimately periods. Also, cystelia 35 thickens the uterus lining and makes it swell up, blocking the uterus tract. This does not allow the sperm to enter the uterus and fuse with the egg causing further circumstances. So, this is how cystelia 35 acts as a contraceptive pill and helps in birth control.


      The best way to consume the cystelia 35 medicine can always be prescribed and determined by the doctor. It is believed that we must consume one whole tablet at one
      time and swallow it with water. Chewing the medicine is not a good option. The medicine must be consumed at fixed timings during the prescribed course of the
      medicine daily to get the best results. However, one must consume this medicine when prescribed by the doctor. Following the advice of the doctor is the best-suited path for us.


      After getting to know about the major benefits of the medicine it is time to know about cystelia side effects and be double sure about the consumption of the medicine. Some of the side effects are:

      • Mood Swings
      • Weight Gain
      • Headache
      • Nausea
      • Breast Pain
      • Stomach Pain

      Headache and nausea are however common side effects that are often seen to occur with most of the medicines. Feeling dizzy after consuming a medicine is a positive sign showing that the medicine is working. Mood swings, breast pain, and weight gain are mostly caused due to the fluctuations and regulation of hormones in the body. The high and low levels of male and female hormones in the body cause the weight to increase, create mood swings, and cause breast pain. Our breasts are very reactive to any period problems that women face and often become stiff or painful when periods are approaching or irregular. Stomach pain occurs because of period changes. Also, it can be considered as a premenstrual syndrome signaling the arrival of periods. Also, the way cystelia 35 medicine stops the release of an egg and regulates hormone secretion are responsible for the stomach to ache.

      • What is PCOS?

        PCOS or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that causes cysts in the ovaries of women. The ovaries are responsible for regulating monthly periods and further causing pregnancy as well. The exact reason for the disorder is not yet known but hormonal balances are one of the major causes.

        • What are the causes of PCOS?

          All disorders or diseases have some kind of cause but there are many of them whose causes are unknown. The same is with PCOS, the specific reason for the cause is not yet determined by the doctors. However, an increase in male hormones – androgen in the female body causes PCOS and causes all the symptoms and problems in the body.

          • Does PCOS happen to everyone?

          All women, experiencing menstruation every month undergo a constant fear of being diagnosed with PCOS. But no, not every woman suffers from PCOS but they are all prone to it. Since the reason for the cause of PCOS is unknown it can happen to anyone. Also, hormonal imbalances can occur due to any circumstance with very little control of our own. So, even though it doesn’t happen to everyone, all women are prone to it.


          The biological composition of a female body is filled with intricacies and complications. Most of the problems that women suffer are due to periods and pregnancy. The increased amount of hormonal secretion in the body is capable of causing any severity of problems like PCOS.
          Cystelia 35 is an effective PCOS medicine that helps in regulating the hormonal balance and controls its symptoms. It is advisable to consult with a doctor before consuming the medicine and follow the prescribed recommendation.