Ways to treat Premenstrual Syndrome


Most of the women undergo some physical or psychological changes in a week or so before a period – tender breasts, headaches and a tendency to tearfulness. But for some of the women, symptoms are bad enough which disrupt their daily lives. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a recognized medical condition which generally affects between a third and half of all the women which are between the age of 20 and 50. It is caused by the fluctuations in the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Some of the symptoms include mood swings, aggression, fatigue and depression along with some physical effects which are bloating, weight gain, skin problems, and painful breasts. Some people will also crave some sweet things or will drink too much alcohol. The most severe form of PMS, known as a premenstrual dysphoric disorder, it has such a marked effect on mood that doctor may prescribe antidepressants.

Premenstrual Syndrome is associated with more than 150 symptoms but the number and the type of symptoms may vary from person to person. For days you can feel lousy, then your period begins and instantly you feel better.

All women do not respond to the same treatment. You need to find out the best way to handle your Premenstrual Syndrome will require trial and error. Here are certain tips which are directly from the experts who run a help and advice center for women with PMS.

1. Try to calm your environment to soothe your premenstrual syndrome: –

Women with PMS are particularly more sensitive to environmental stress. So give yourself a company of soothing colors and soft music which can contribute to a sense of calm.

2. Breathe deeply and try to relax your body and do not think about premenstrual syndrome: –

Many women breathe shallowly unconsciously which decreases energy levels and leaves you feeling tense, which makes you feel your PMS even worse. Practice yourself to inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

3. Make love: –

The aching muscles and sluggish circulation which often accompany PMS can be relieved by having sex and the other fluids away from congested organs.

4. Soak in a bath: –

Soak up yourself in the mineral bath so that your muscles could get relax from head to toe. Also, add a cupful of sea salt and a cupful of baking soda to warm water bath and soak it for 20 minutes.

5. Taste chaste berry: –

Most of the herbalist recommend chaste berry as the best remedy for PMS symptoms and there is some good research evidence showing that over half of the women who took it daily for three cycles reported a better than 50 percent improvement in their symptoms. You can take it in tea, tincture or capsule form available from health food stores.

6. Black cohosh to the rescue: –

Multiple people think that black cohosh is a herb for menopause. Just like chaste berry, black cohosh should be used for two or three cycles before its effects can be judged. You can buy it from a health food store and take according to label instructions.

7. Try to get that extra hour of sleep will ease out your premenstrual syndrome: –

If insomnia is a part of your PMS, you should prepare for it by going to bed a little early for a few days before PMS sets in. As it helps to alleviate the tiredness and irritability that go in hand with insomnia.

8. Stick to a routine: –

Set reasonable goals for each PMS day to avoid feeling overwhelmed, even if this means cutting back your normal routine. As per those

9. Organize your social life for another time: –

Don’t even attempt to entertain when you know you are likely to be suffering from PMS as it will only make your situation worse.

10. Eating up lots of small meals will help out your premenstrual syndrome: –

Poor nutrition doesn’t cause the condition into Pms, but certain dietary factors can exacerbate it. So try to eat small meals which are high in starch but is low in sugar and fat, several times a day, to help and keep your body and mind in better balance.

11. Avoid empty calories: –

Avoid low-nutrient foods like soft drinks and sweets. Giving in to a sugar craving will only make you feel worse by contributing to anxiety and mood swings. Instead, snack on fresh fruit and raw vegetables.

12. Cut down on dairy foods: –

Eat not more than one or two serving per day of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, cottage cheese or yogurt. The lactose present in dairy products can block your body absorption of the mineral magnesium, which helps to regulate estrogen levels and helps in its excretion.

13. Talk about premenstrual syndrome: –

Talking about your PMS problems with your partner, friend or colleague at work will help you. Moreover, you can even take advice from the ayurvedic experts at Vedas Cure Pvt. Ltd. Ayurvedic experts will know your problems and PMS related issues and will suggest you the treatment and solution for the same.

14. Restrict salt: –

Eat a low-salt diet for a week before the onset of your period to combat water retention. Furthermore, this means you need not to consume restaurants or takeaways, processed foods, ready-made soups or bottled salad dressings.

15. Fill up with fiber: –

Fiber helps your body to clear out excess estrogens. So to maintain the good quantity of fiber content in your body you need to eat plenty of vegetables, beans, and wholemeal bread.

16. Cut down on caffeine: –

Try to consume a limited amount of coffee, tea, chocolate, and other caffeine-containing substances. Also, caffeine has been shown to contribute to painful breast tenderness, anxiety, and irritability.

17. Abstain from alcohol:

Drinking alcohol can worsen PMS headaches and fatigues and can even cause sugar cravings.

18. Don’t take diuretics if you have premenstrual syndrome: –

Many women with PMS used to take diuretics as a temporary measure against water-retention and bloating. But some OTCs diuretics draw valuable minerals out of your system along with water. A better approach is to avoid substances like salt and alcohol that make you retain water in the first place.

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