Precautions Of PCOD/PCOS

If you are suffering from PCOD/PCOS, you need not worry. Precautions of PCOD is important, as it affects fertility, menstrual problems, weight issues along with long-term medical conditions.

PCOD/PCOS is treatable and manageable. Patients with PCOD/PCOS can still get pregnant and have children However, it needs patience and discipline to work on your polycystic ovaries and improve your chances of becoming pregnant. So, here are some precautions of PCOD/PCOS which everyone should take care in their daily life to improve their overall health: –

1.Precautions of PCOD includes to reduce your weight gain – don’t just watch it: –

You need to really work hard to keep those extra pounds at bay. A slight change in your BMI will improve your fertility and overall health, by reducing insulin and androgen levels. Try to aim low and lose half a pound each week which is perfectly achievable.

2.Precautions of PCOD is to follow a nutritious diet – not just a diet: –

However, this is nothing new, but yes a healthy diet is very important. PCOD/PCOS patients generally gain weight very quickly. Don’t waste your time with salad. Reduce down your carbs and include low-GI foods. Do not consume canned fruit juice and cake and go with the fresh fruits and vegetables. Lower down your fat intake and say good-bye to those sugary drinks. A weekly healthy diet plan should be there and stick to it like glue.

3.A great diet is fine, but try to move your body more: –

To reduce your blood-sugar level and insulin resistance exercise is very important. All your low-GI, low-carbohydrate food won’t work on its own. So. Try to walk at least 30 minutes a day, every day without fail. This new diet regime along with exercise will reduce your weight in a steady and effective way and you can start ovulating quicker than you think.

4.Precautions of PCOD includes Medication, an important aspect for  PCOD/PCOS: –

PCOD/PCOS patients can easily get acne which is not appealing for the face. The best precautions for PCOD/PCOS is to take benzoyl peroxide from your pharmacy. If that doesn’t work anymore have word with your doctor for antibiotics. You can also go with metformin which lowers insulin along with testosterone. This means that one should bleed regularly for the better functioning of ovaries and a return to egg production.

5.Birth-control-pills can be a great way to get pregnant: –

If you are a PCOD/PCOS patient, birth-control pills can control your menstrual pattern. They can be monophasic or combined pills. Take these pills to try for pregnancy. Obviously, you will need to stop taking them to initiate a cycle, but you may get lucky and can get pregnant in the following month.

6. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – is really beneficial: –

PCOD/PCOS patients who have undergone all treatment. They have succeeded in losing weight, improved their complexion, controlled body hair but still are unable to conceive, they should go with IVF treatment. The guidelines and medication will take careful account of your PCOD/PCOS along with an increased risk of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome). This indicates that your embryos are frozen and transferred a couple of months later.

The behind story of the IVF route is that poor-quality eggs are produced. IVF has a number of these eggs. The extra ones give the clinic more room and increased chance of higher-grade eggs.

7. Reflexology – best-kept secret for PCOD/PCOS:-

This alternative remedy for PCOD/PCOS should never be sniffed at all. As, they are cheap, steroid-free and generally considered safe on the body. Moreover, reflexology is the only solution PCOD/PCOS patients need. In the UK and US, the trials on the benefits of reflexology are still exploring. Multiple patients report that they regular periods and a sense of wellness. Yes, it can be due to a placebo effect. But you need not wait for the research, give it a try this week and see if it helps.

8. Surgery – laser out that testosterone away: –

Another best option for PCOD/PCOS patients who have lost weight and had an unsuccessful IVF includes surgery. Sounds drastic, isn’t it? Laparoscopic technique constitutes ovarian drilling which often uses lasers. It destroys the testosterone-producing tissues in your ovaries. Less amount of testosterone means better fertility health which means ovulation, menstruation and egg production. It is a novel technology but it helped multiple patients. Discuss it with your doctor.

9.Remove that stress: –

As we all know that stress is really bad for our overall health. Patients with a fertility issue, get depressed and feel angry and frustrated. As your lower stress level will help you in controlling your PCOD/PCOS symptoms. So just keep your mind cool and never try to stress it out.

10. Counseling can be really helpful: –

With along your IVF journey, we even recommend our patients to talk more about PCOD/PCOS. When we discuss our problems it really helps us in coping with a surprising range of emotions. So, you need to give it a try!

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