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Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a gynecological condition that is characterized by the development of cysts in the ovary. As the name is self explanatory, it has cysts in the ovaries and due its presence the patient suffers from various other symptoms.The etiological factors for the development or cysts or follicles in the ovaries are the higher levels of male hormones. The male hormone known as androgen is the underlying factor for the formation of cysts.

  • In this syndrome, the female body acquires certain changes. Polycystic ovarian syndrome delays the menstrual cycle. The cycle gets irregular, prolonged and never on time. The average monthly cycle is disrupted and the menstrual cycle becomes longer to three months or four months.
  • The secondary sexual characters in the female body begin to resemble male characters. The fertility of the female body gets compromised. It takes long period of time for a women to get pregnant during poly cystic ovarian syndrome because the male hormones dominate in the body.
  • The various symptoms of PCOS is weight gain or obesity, acne, hair loss, darkening of skin, constant head ache, heavy bleeding, etc.

Treatment aspect of polycystic ovarian syndrome:

  • To treat acne, various dermatological creams are given to the patient that contains betamethsone and clomethasone.
  • Biotin containing products are given to treat hair loss and hair thinning.
  • Analgesics are prescribed to women to manage head ache. Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to reduce the swelling on the outer lining of the uterus or endometrium.
  • Weight gain or obesity is the major issue in the poly cystic ovarian syndrome. The patient becomes over-weight.
  • Women with PCOS develop insulin resistance. They become intolerant to insulin that is produced within the body, which leads to higher glucose levels in the body.
  • The symptoms of PCOS are managed by prescribing symptomatic treatment. To aid in weight loss, different measures need to be taken.
  • Switch to low carbohydrate diet, which helps to decrease the use of insulin within the body.
  • Brisk walking or physical exercise helps to reduce the body weight in a healthy manner.
  • Weight loss in PCOS helps to conceive the baby and carry out the pregnancy smoothly.
  • Vedas cure offers the treatment for PCOS that is a blend of all the natural ingredients.
  • Vedas polycystic ovarian disorder care is the formula that helps to treat all the symptoms of PCOS.
  • It helps to normalize the menstrual cycle disorders and maintain the monthly cycle appropriately.
  • This formula helps to maintain weight in the healthy range.
  • Reduces the facial hairs also called as hirsutism. It prevents the growth of facial hairs and body hairs.
  • It maintains the levels of female hormones and male hormones in the optimal range, making the female hormones predominant.

To treat PCOS, always prefer ayurvedic medicine since the general medicine prescribed for the treatment of PCOS causes major side effects.

The hormonal tablets given for the treatment causes weight gain, hair loss and decreases fertility. Its effects are reversible on withdrawal of the tablets but it may continue in some women for a long period of time.


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