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PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) grab most of the women all over. It results in various effects but the prime effect remains the change in mensuration cycles. Periods in PCOS become a difficult errand

 A woman’s body undergoes various hormonal changes and they become even intense in PCOS. This change leaves a drastic impact on the regular menstrual cycles in most women with PCOS. and in most cases, PCOS diagnosed when the menstrual cycle irregular.


The monthly cycle of ovulation is disturbed intensely during PCOS which leads to complications in periods. There are some cases where women do not suffer from irregular periods but they are very minimal.

Usually, periods either stop or become irregular to an extent where a woman bleeds only twice a year. Usually, a menstrual cycle is of 28 days, and even delayed periods till 3 days are considered normal. But periods in PCOS may limit to only 8 times a year, or the menstrual cycle can minimize to 21 days or more. The longer and irregular menstrual cycles hint towards the increased level of Androgen in the body. The high level of Androgen becomes the prime reason for PCOS and complications associated with it.

Menstrual Cycle

Periods in PCOS become a thing of depression and anxiety. At times long delays may also lead to blood clots and infertility. PCOS can also become the reason for frequent miscarriages of women. To improve the period cycle it is important to stay healthy and fresh.

Staying hydrated and fresh helps the body to recover on its own. Having a balanced diet filled with nutrition and minerals helps in improving the menstrual cycle. One should remain as active as he could along with a prohibition on all the harmful habits such as smoking, drinking, etc. A good long morning walk under the rising sun will keep you active all days and pose a positive impact on menstrual cycles.

Sometimes, if the body-weight high or the person over-weight they become vulnerable to PCOS. In such cases, shelling out a few pounds of weight can be beneficial. As soon as a minimal 5 to  10% of the total body is shed the changes in period cycles can be observed. Losing weight fastens the process of a regular period cycle without any heavy dose of medications. One can consult a dietician for a diet that can be complementary for both weight loss and regular periods. Eating healthy and a good life schedule is always a cure for any disease.

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