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 Due to the unhealthy and sedative lifestyle, most of the women suffer from a syndrome called PCOS. It’s so common nowadays that around 6 out of 10 women suffer from this hormonal imbalance syndrome. PCOS means Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

The main reason for this is a hormonal imbalance that is gradually developed due to lack of physical activity, stress, peer pressure, and an unbalanced diet followed. The main symptom would be irregular periods. Women who suffer from PCOS develop high androgen levels (male hormone) due to which you see, facial hair developed, irregular menstrual periods, and weight gain. Typically weight gain happens in the abdominal region.

The reason to this is the shape of ovary changes and both the ovaries develop multiple cysts. So this is called Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. This highly impacts the fertility of women. Now let’s have a quick look at the helpful tips that Vedas Cure suggest to prevent and overcome this syndrome –

Reduce Carbohydrates and have Protein-rich food

Fewer carbohydrates intake balances insulin level in your body due to which you can reduce your weight. Have protein and fiber-rich food instead.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Avoid junk food and processed sugar intake. The additional sugar which you add to your beverages like Coffee or Tea is more dangerous. Instead, prefer having fresh fruit juices or eat raw fruits and fresh vegetables.


Reduce unhealthy fat

Avoid deep-fried items and oily food as much as possible. Try sprouts and salads during snack time. This will have a deep impact over a period of time.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity matters a lot. Practice regular exercises according to your comfort. Sweat out at least 20 mins every day. If you are comfortable going to a regular Gym, please practice with your instructor. Also, you can practice some particular asanas to reduce abdominal weight with your Yoga Practitioner.

Brisk Walk

Walking is a very good exercise that you can carry out regularly free of cost. Vedas Cure highly recommends this. This will increase the flexibility of your body and gains stability. Regular walk balances and maintains hormonal levels properly.

Reduce Stress

A good advice to working women is don’t stress. Feel comfortable with your work and don’t take too much pressure into mind. Please note nothing is going to happen if some milestones are missed due to situational reasons. This doesn’t mean that you need not work hard. But have a proper work-life balance.

Avoid Hormonal pill consumptions

Due to situational reasons, some women go for hormonal pills to postpone periods or use contraceptives for a very long time. Please note something which is unnatural is always harmful. Accept nature as is and go with the flow. This will have a greater impact on any woman’s health.


Enjoy life

It’s very much important to have some time for ourselves regularly. Listen to music and do some work that refreshes your mind. Please have time for yourself at least 30 mins a day. This not only will reduce stress, but also helpful for your health over a period of time.

These are the tips that Vedas Cure promotes to manage your weight gain with PCOS.

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