Know Your PCOS Symptoms To Reclaim Your Fertility Rate

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a female disorder that usually occurs in women with childbearing age. It affects around 10-12% of woman and it is most common in certain groups like Indigenous, Asian, North African, along with Caucasian women. It is important to treat PCOS Symptoms as soon as you are aware of the problem as it affects the female fertility rate. Slowly and gradually it is impossible to become pregnant with PCOS. 

Causes of PCOS – 

PCOS is mainly caused due to family history or genetics. It might be due to the presence of male-type hormones such as testosterone that gets increased during the development of the PCOS women in the womb itself before birth, lifestyle, or environmental changes. 

Let us take a look at the symptoms of PCOS, which a woman might experience during her childbearing age. 

However, it is important to mention that every woman with PCOS will not experience the same symptoms. Yet, they will experience any two of the following symptoms if they have PCOS. 

There are many different ways of presenting PCOS Symptoms. Some women may have only some or mild symptoms. Whereas, some other women might have severe symptoms. Symptoms also change while a woman reaches a different stage in her life.

  • PCOS Symptoms related to periods and fertility rate – 

Women might experience irregular, infrequent, heavy, or no periods at all. 

No ovulation due to immature ovarian eggs

Difficulty in conceiving

Some serious medical condition during pregnancy

  • PCOS Symptoms related to Hair, skin, and body –

Severe acne on the face and on the body

Dark skin patches are popularly known as Acanthosis nigricans 

Excess facial or body hair, well known as hirsutism

Hair loss on the scalp (alopecia)

Excess weight gain 

  • Symptoms related to mental and emotional health 

Mood swing, very common

Depression, anxiety

Low self-esteem and tension of poor body image

The quality of life decreases

  • Symptoms related to health conditions – 

Sleeping disorder in which abnormal pauses of breathing occurs while the person is sleeping

Increased risk of diabetes, with a little earlier onset

Challenges with sexual health 

Higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Endometrium carcinoma 

If you experience any symptoms of PCOS you must at once visit your Ayurvedic doctor to confirm the problem. Treatment of PCOS is a must to avoid the fertility issue in the future. Try to consume a healthy diet and a regular exercise that helps to reduce the problem of infertility in women. 








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