PCOS Surgery

Before starting the topic, let us tell you that don’t undergo for PCOS surgery as it is never a success. Now let’s begin. PCOS is becoming more common nowadays, every one out of 10 female is suffering from PCOS. It is mainly due to an imbalance in hormones. The major hormone responsible for this disorder is androgen. The increased amount of male hormone “androgen” is responsible for the increased symptoms in females. It is highly depressing and most of the females lose their self-confidence. It is hard to deal with the symptoms, but it is not impossible.

When a female comes to know that she is suffering from PCOS, they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The symptoms of PCOS are so heartbreaking that females want the best solution for PCOS which works very fast.

Some females have a belief that surgery is the best solution for PCOS. They think that if they will undergo PCOS surgery they will be free of all the symptoms and their PCOS will never reappear in the future.

If you think so, the answer is obviously “No”. As the name states POLYCYSTIC OVARIES. It means that a woman is having multiple cysts in her ovaries. People also have a belief that multiple cysts have a complete solution if the doctors remove the cysts. It is a misnomer, because there are no cysts, in actual they are multiple follicles which are not growing and they give an appearance of multiple fluid-filled spaces which give an appearance of small cysts.

What surgery does in PCOS?

There are multiple surgeries available. These surgeries assure you that your fertility will improve along with regulating your cycles. Females choose laparoscopic ovarian drilling or waffle ball procedure along with modified wedge resection without knowing the fact that all these surgeries are stacked up with multiple side and adverse effects.

What is ovarian drilling and what are its ill effects on PCOS patients?

PCOS ovaries have a thick outer layer which produces more testosterone in comparison to normal ovaries, which results in irregular cycles, acne, hair growth, and anovulation along with infertility. In Ovarian drilling the level of testosterone level is decreased. However, this drilling procedure is accompanied by lots of pain after the procedure. There is an inflammation in the abdomen along with gas. There is a visible adhesion or scarring inside the body all over.

How doctors perform ovarian drilling which comprises of multiple adverse effects 

Doctors used to perform Ovarian drilling by laparoscopy well known as keyhole surgery. In this procedure, doctors make a small cut at your belly button and insert a telescope through it to see your ovaries. However, some more small 5 mm cuts on either side of the abdomen are done, they insert some extra instruments and make some small punctures in your ovaries using electrosurgical sources and this helps to lower your testosterone levels.

Never undergo for PCOS surgery

People undergo PCOS surgery when they don’t get relief from their medications. Hence, to make their ovaries more sensitive to these drugs, doctors suggest you for drilling.

However, drilling procedure should never be performed in young adolescent girls with irregular periods or when they are just diagnosed with PCOS. It should be performed only for those cases who are resistant to ovulation by fertility medications.

Some of the risk factors of ovarian drilling which every PCOS women should be aware of: –

Ovarian drilling may help women to ovulate in a better way and even help them to conceive. Around 50% of women may conceive after drilling within one year. After this procedure, some women may experience no regular cycles after the drilling procedure.

Ovarian drilling is a one-time treatment. So, if you are not receiving positive feedback from this procedure, you should not undergo this drilling procedure again and again.

For some women, drilling may not fix their problem related to regular cycles and ovulation. So, it is a simple ‘no’ for them.

If you are undergoing ovarian drilling, make your decision very wisely. You should not undergo it to regularize the cycles if you do not want to conceive. As various treatments are available to regularize the periods.

If in case any damage is undergone to the ovarian tissue, this procedure has adverse effects on the future fertility and in some case, it gives rise to premature menopause.

After this procedure, there may be scarring between ovaries and fallopian tubes, which may affect fertility.

Role of Bariatric Surgery in PCOS which leads to short and long term adverse effects

The main role of bariatric surgery is to reduce the excess weight in PCOS women. However, it includes both short term and long term adverse effects which may alter the health of a woman in the future. Here let’s discuss some of the post-operative side-effects of this surgery. Some of the bariatric surgery risks include – Acid reflux, Anesthesia-related risk, esophagus dilation, difficulty in eating some food items, infection, chronic nausea and vomiting, obstruction of the stomach, weight gain or failure to lose weight.

Here are some long term risks related to bariatric surgery: –

Some of the side-effects include dumping syndrome, it is a condition which can lead to symptoms like nausea and dizziness, lowering of blood sugar, malnutrition, vomiting, ulcers, bowel obstruction, hernias.

So we must advise you not to undergo any surgery as it leads to lots of adverse effects. Moreover, try to go with a natural ayurvedic treatment that will cure the root cause of your problem. Vedas Cure Pvt. Ltd. has Vedas polycystic ovarian disorder cure which comprises of unique ayurvedic ingredients and is free from side effects. Go to our website and check the further details of the PCOS product.

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