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How To Manage PCOD in Pregnant Women?

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A disease which affects women in their reproducing years, known as PCOD, can occur in during their pregnancy as well. At that time, it become important to know how they can tackle the disease and the problems associated with it.

When a woman gets pregnant, it is the beginning of a new journey for them and every journey has a few hurdles. However, when the said woman has had a history of PCOD then those hurdles can turn out to be more problematic than usual. Hence, it is essential that they and their family know how to deal with this highly unpleasant experience which might affect their pregnancy

Not trying to make it sound scary, but the consequences of encountering PCOD during pregnancy do not have a great rapport. Therefore, we have prepared a guide to help you when you face PCOD during pregnancy.

1.Maintain A Healthy Weight

It might seem like a lot of hard work to you because you are already going through a lot. But it is important for both you and your child who is going to get welcomed in the world by you if you succeed in maintaining a healthy weight.

Reports have shown that if you just balance your weight gain during PCOD by reducing just ten to twenty percent of it, then the chances of a successful pregnancy will become significantly higher. Pregnancy and PCOD is not a great combination, but if you are one of those unfortunate women who have this condition, then consider losing weight immediately.

You can lose weight by following a proper diet plan for PCOD patients which you can find on our website or by going exercising. Since exercising involves a lot of physical effort, you should just stick to a diet plan.

2.What You Eat Will Affect Your Child

There has been many reports which verify the fact that women who eat junk food and drink harmful beverages like alcohol or beer during their time of pregnancy, the chances of delivering a healthy baby reduce a lot.

Hence, it is important for women to understand the need of a proper diet which must be followed. If you are a PCOD patient, then the necessity of a diet become even greater because a diet plan will not only help you with your pregnancy, but it will also help you get rid of your PCOD. Pregnancy with PCOD can be a troublesome experience and you must not back down from using all available deterrents to fight it. If you are wondering, “will PCOD affect pregnancy and my child?” then the answer is yes!
  • Eat fibrous food.
  • Eat protein rich food.
  • Consume healthy fats.
  • Eat vitamin rich foods.
  • Stay clear of carbs, caffeine, alcohol and spicy food.

For more information on what you should eat during pregnancy with PCOD, consult a doctor or get in touch with us.

Exercising, Yoga and Meditation

Let us understand the importance of all the three methods to deal with pregnancy with PCOD one by one:


It is apparent that your body has taken a lot of physical damage in its most sensitive areas. It gets harder for you to do more physical work when you are pregnant.

Therefore, it might seem stupid to ask you for exercising but that is exactly what we are asking of you. Do not subject yourself to physical torture in the guise of exercising. You can do light exercises, some breathing exercises and a little bit of walking. That’s all that is needed.


We have listed four yoga asana which will help fight PCOD. But, they aren’t recommended at later stages of pregnancy. You can choose any one of them which is best to do during pregnancy.


With all that bustle around you, give some time to your brain to repair itself by meditating. You will find all the negativity going away and feel relived.

Pregnancy With PCOD is Manageable

Yes, despite all the hardships that PCOD brings to you in the time of pregnancy, this situation is manageable. Apart from following the above methods, you can try keeping track of ovulation and having intercourse with your partner during the time of ovulation only.

See, that was not as scary as it sounded. With the right amount of knowledge and care, anyone can overcome PCOD during the time of their pregnancy. However, it takes a lot of courage to face a disease like this because the physical and mental toll it takes on you.

The troubles this disease causes to a person are truly painful and if you follow the above steps, then the chances of you going through those troubles will reduce drastically. PCOD is not incurable during any stage of your life, it just requires effort from your side and the will to make through it. If you are honest with these two, then you will succeed in defeating the disease. If there is anything else health related that is troubling you, let us know and we will deliver solutions to you.

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