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what are natural treatment of pcod pcos?

Is There Actually A Way To Treat PCOD Naturally?

yes, there are many ways to treat pcod pcos naturally .In the history of mankind, there have been many diseases which had the potential to wipe us out of the face of this planet. But it was with the help of mother nature and its miraculous healing properties that we were able to survive.

Speaking of which, India was lucky enough to get more than its share of nature and the knowledge to exploit nature to their benefits which were written in the great book of Ayurveda. A lot of diseases and their cures are found in this divine book. But because of our modernization, we forgot how useful our own methods are in treating the most severe diseases.

PCOD is no exception as well. There are methods that are used to treat this commonly faced problem. But until you know the whole truth and the procedure, it might seem a hoax to you. Therefore, we have collected some information to share with you to see if PCOD can be cured naturally.

natural treatment of pcod

Natural Treatment For PCOD by Exercising

It is mother nature’s blessing on us that it made our bodies capable enough to do things which we usually do. Therefore, our body movements are also a natural process.

Exercising consists of a culmination of stepwise body movements which eventually cause us to lose some calories. Someone who has PCOD will find that they have gained a lot of weight on their abdominal area and it does not look good at all.

Apart from the fact that weight gain causes a lot of health hazards, it can also severe the effects PCOD has on someone. Exercising regularly is one of the best methods if you are looking for treatment for a PCOD problem of yours or someone you know. You can try brisk walking, jogging, running, or even jumping if you feel you can pull that off.

Yoga Asana Have Your Back

The great Indian culture and its vast knowledge about things are truly impressive. Yoga has found its way in different countries and people from all over the globe are adapting to this method of treating their health problems.

butterfly aasnaa yoga for pcos pcod

People who have PCOD can resort to Yoga even in their most desperate time because the worst cases of the worst diseases have found their cure in this traditional way to heal things. There are some asana which you can try during your PCOD treatment.

We have already collected four of those asanas for you, you can read about them by clicking here. Yoga is one of the best treatments for PCOD and it is recommended by a lot of doctors who have been dealing with PCOD and PCOS patients for many years.

natural treatment of pcod low carb diet that help

Eating The Right Food

If you think that the natural treatment for PCOD consists of herbs and leaves which you have never heard of and it is going to be an adventure collecting them, then you are wrong.

There are some herbs that might be beneficial to your PCOD problem, but in the long run, it is you who has to see what you are putting in your body because that matters a lot.

While treating your PCOD naturally, you must maintain a healthy diet plan and follow it strictly. Maintaining a healthy diet means that you will say no to carbohydrates and caffeine. Both of them being harmful to your blood sugar and blood pressure respectively.

Try eating foods and vitamin rich fruits so that your PCOD problem goes for good.

Cut Down The Amount of AGEs

AGEs or Advanced Glycation End Products are seen in women suffering from PCOD and PCOS in a huge number.

The effects of yoga for PCOD are usually great as it calms the mind and body. It rejuvenates our body by enabling it to resist major problems that a disease like PCOD can cause.

Reducing their amount becomes necessary to fight the adverse effects of the disease like reduced insulin levels, aging and degenerative diseases. To prevent that, you should not eat food derived from animals. Because the meat is rich in protein and when it is eaten with bread or tortillas, it produces AGEs.[1]

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Ayurvedic Treatment of PCOD

Ayurveda is the best natural treatment for PCOD as it has a lot of methods to deal with this problem. Earlier, Ayurveda was not as commercialized as it is nowadays and the  treatment was affordable

But when people realized its importance in treating different diseases, the cost went up. However, that means the effectiveness of Ayurveda against different diseases is true. So, you can subscribe to any Ayurvedic course which will certainly cure your PCOD.

Such is the power of Ayurveda and nature’s ability to heal us. The above methods which are used to treat those with the problem of PCOD have proven to be fruitful with almost no side effects.

The best part about getting treated naturally or by the means of Ayurveda is that you do not have to go through any kind of side effects which are commonly experienced when treated with modern day medical science. Now, please do not misinterpret that we are maligning present day medical science.

We are just stating facts here. Hence, it is highly recommended to get a natural treatment for PCOD for best results.

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