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In Indian culture, home remedies are the solution for many diseases. The grandmas in the house advise various home remedies for diseases. People follow home remedies to treat the disease at home by various remedies. To the amazement, beneficial results are also attained. To avoid the use of high doses of drugs and medications frequently people prefer home remedies as the first line of treatment. Upon using this, benefits are also achieved. Some schools of thought advice advise to mitigate and cure the disease by following home remedies.

For polycystic ovarian disease there are various home remedies

  • The first and the foremost thing to do in polycystic ovarian disease are to cut off the extra body weight. Excess body weight is the etiological factor for polycystic ovarian disease. The BMI of the person should cut down to normal. The higher the BMI the unhealthy the patient.
  • Diet management is an essential aspect of PCOS. Switch to a gluten-free diet. Women with PCOS have higher markers of inflammation. They make it difficult for gluten to digest easily.
  • Consume organic meals. Grow in your own garden to prevent yourself from the adverse effects of pesticides.
  • A dairy product for polycystic ovarian disease patients is a big NO. Avoid consuming any form of a dairy product.
  • Methi seeds and kalonji seeds are very beneficial for people suffering from polycystic ovarian disease. 

Method to use: take equal quantity of methi and kalonji seeds. Soak them over night for 12 hours. Boil the water for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain the water and let it cool down. Drink the water on empty stomach.

It is highly beneficial for people suffering with polycystic ovarian disease.

  • Proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours is necessary to maintain the psychological balance of the body and to be in a good condition.
  • Stress kills a person from within. To keep ourselves in a good health avoid stress.
  • Exercise is an extraordinary thing to maintain our health in a good condition.
  • Reduce the levels of carbohydrates in the diet since the insulin sensitivity increases in polycystic ovarian disease (pcod) patients.
  • Cut off the junk food and unprocessed food from the diet.
  • Take fresh juices of fruits and vegetables in the everyday life. Avoid consumption of too tea and coffee on a regular basis.
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