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Hirsutism in


Hirsutism in PCOS

It is commonly seen in women suffering from PCOS. Hirsutism in PCOS is responsible for unusual coarse hair growth on the chest, face, abdomen, back, upper arms including upper legs. PCOS is a condition in which ovaries produce an excess amount of androgen(testosterone). The common symptoms of hirsutism, you can see in every 5-10% of women suffering from PCOS.

Hirsutism is a very depressing symptom of PCOS, as it disturbs the facial appearance of the patient. It even leads to social rejection in marriages. This symptom needs utmost care otherwise it can ruin the confidence level. However, there is a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments available for hirsutism. You should never go with these treatments. These treatments look very appealing but the side effects behind them are very drastic. They not only affect your physical appearance but they can be hard on sensitive skin.

You should never undergo the following treatments which look very fancy but can affect your skin texture and appearance in the later stage of your life

Cosmetic treatments which can ruin your overall skin condition

It includes shaving, plucking, waxing, bleaching, laser treatment, depilatory creams, electrolysis, laser and many more. All these look very appealing but shaving, plucking, waxing, bleaching irritates your skin and leaves red spots on your entire skin. It is a big “no” for sensitive skin.

Depilatory creams contain many chemicals if you leave them on your skin for more than the recommended period. It leaves your skin dark and irritated. Electrolysis and laser both are very harmful to the skin due to the frequency of light shown on the skin. In spite of all these, you could go with Ayurvedic treatments that are free from any kind of side effect and do not leave any kind of ill effects on your skin.

Anti-androgenic medicines for Hirsutism in PCOS might lead to another medical condition

Various anti-androgenic medicines are available which proves to treat your PCOS. However, they are loaded with multiple side effects. They can even give rise to another medical condition. The side-effects heartburn, dry skin, headaches, irregular vaginal bleeding along with fatigue. 

So, it is not fair to go with these types of treatment. Try to choose Ayurvedic treatments. As they heal your problem from within and even do not give rise to any other medical issue.

Cosmetic therapy for hirsutism in PCOS

“Don’t be fooled by the cosmetic removal of hair therapy”

1.It includes temporary hair removal which slowly and gradually degrades your skin quality 

In temporary treatment, some women pluck their unwanted hair. However, in the case of sensitive skin, it can irritate the skin. Waxing has its own risk as it can be painful for androgen-sensitive skin. Depilatories are creams which contain chemicals, it removes hair by cleaning the hair shaft but may irritate the sensitive skin by causing redness. Bleaching helps to reduce the amount of visible hair growth, especially on the upper lips.However,bleaching regularly can be pathetic.

Previously women use eflornithine hydrochloride to slow down the growth of excess facial hair. However, women have experienced severe acne by using eflornithine. It is also not safe in pregnancy and is even not effective on other body parts, so try to avoid this.

2.Permanent hair removal 

Permanent hair removal for female hirsutism includes electrolysis and laser treatment. In the process of electrolysis, doctors insert a very fine hair needle into the hair follicle. A mild electric effect is seen which is sent through the needle to permanently destroy the hair follicle. However, it is used for some body parts. Laser treatment is used for the entire body part. However, its long-term effectiveness is not recommended. Both these treatments include multiple side-effects

s which includes redness of skin with severe irritation, change in the pigmentation of the skin, change in the skin texture, scarring, excessive growth of hair with blisters all over.

Both these methods are quite painful, depending upon the area of the skin which requires treatment. However, they will not completely stop your hair growth and is not permanent.

So, in conclusion, we see that dealing with hirsutism is not so easy. We should go with natural treatment. As they do not have any ill effect on our skin. Natural Ayurvedic treatment comprises natural herbs which add shine and elasticity to our skin. Go with hirsutism treatment natural at Vedas cure. The Ayurvedic treatment at Vedas cure will cure your ailment from within which will never reoccur in the future.

3.The expectation from hirsutism treatment

To deal with PCOS and hirsutism is not so easy. One has to undergo the feeling of femininity, loss of self-confidence and has to worry about kids. However, it is not so easy to share your symptoms and pain with everybody. At Vedas cure, you can easily share your symptoms and pain with our Ayurvedic doctors and can easily avail of hirsutism treatment. Our treatments have a good composition of natural Ayurvedic ingredients. You should watch the early signs and symptoms of hirsutism. PCOS and hirsutism are quite easy to treat if diagnosed at a very young age. Slowly and gradually it becomes a little complicated as you age.

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  1. I am a college-going girl and doing great in my studies. Unfortunately, I have developed facial and chin hair, which is quite embarrassing for me. While going through this article, I have seen that I have the same symptoms as depicted above. So, does it means that I have PCOS? I want to get rid of this facial hair, please help me out.

  2. Hello, my name is Neha, and I am dealing with PCOS. I have facial hair over my face with lots of dark spots. I have tried many skin treatments but could not succeed. I was going through the internet and found Vedas PCOD Cure. The Ayurvedic ingredients in it have worked like magic. Happy with my spot-free glowing skin. Thanks, Vedas.

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