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How To Boost Fertility in Women With PCOS?

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PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a problem which is faced by one out of five women in the world and the effects that it has on their health are quite disturbing.

However, among the other effects, the one which is found to be the most depressing is that it causes infertility in the victim. Infertility translates to not being able to reproduce, which means, the woman will not be able to give birth to children.

That sure is depressing and this makes PCOS a bigger problem than what it is perceived to be. However, it does not mean that this effect of the disease is not avoidable. With the right treatment, diet and exercises, this problem can be tackled.

We have collected five important tips with the help of which fertility in women with PCOS can be boosted.
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1.Getting The Right Medication

Involving a doctor to get rid of PCOS fertility issues would be the wise thing to do because they know what kind of medication should be given to you if you have PCOS.

An expert doctor will provide you the exact medical assistance and also educate you about the fertility treatment for PCOS. While on medication, the medicines given to you make sure that ovulation is getting completed perfectly because PCOS affects ovaries and the process of ovulation.

If the number of androgen in your body is large, then it may cause problems to ovulation. Therefore, getting the right medicine for high level of androgens is important to get pregnant.

2.PCOS Fertility Diet

How it Boosts PCOS Fertility ?

There must be a great caution taken when you go to shop for what you are going to eat. Do not select food items which have a lot of carbohydrates, fats and sugars.All these are harmful and have adverse effects on PCOS victims. 

Therefore, restrain yourself from eating your favorite foods which might have these three in their ingredients. Instead of these, you can eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and antioxidants rich foods.

Also, your meals should be properly planned. Have a heavy breakfast, a light lunch and a lighter dinner. If you follow these steps, then your fertility is sure to get boosted.

3.Say No To Trans Fats

A lot of fertility related problems arise due to consumption of trans fats. The relationship between trans fats and ovulary infertility does not have a good reputation. Therefore, they must be avoided at all costs.

If you want to bring a new life in this world, then steer clear of hydrogenated vegetable oils, processed foods, baked products and margarine as they all are infamous for having trans fats. Instead, you can try unsaturated fats which are healthier than trans fats.

 If you are consuming a diet which has a lot of trans fats rich items and little unsaturated fats, then you are risking yourself to infertility and it holds true for both men and women.

4.Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Working people and a lot of individuals are often seen yearning for a good old cup of coffee which is caffeine rich.. Caffeine is known to have several effects on us with most of them being positive.

There are, however, some effects which are not really good for us. One of them is the fact that caffeine causes delay in getting pregnant. There are some reports which deny the above fact, but ask yourself if you should take any risk when you have PCOS?
No, right? So, to reduce your caffeine intake you must keep it below 480 milligrams.

4.Do Not Drink A Lot Of Alcohol

Alcohol is quite an infamous beverage and rightfully so because it has more disadvantages than advantages.

Apart from causing significant damage to your liver in the long run, alcohol can also cause infertility in both men and women. It gets worse if you have PCOS because the disease is capable enough to curb your fertility and having alcohol on the top of that will only make things uglier.

Do not indulge yourself in a lot of parties where alcohol is served a lot, instead, try drinking something healthy like vitamin-c rich fruit juice which will keep you energized as well.

So, these were the five tips which must be followed by you or someone you know who is suffering through PCOS to boost their fertility. For any woman, the experience of bringing a new life to the world is of a different level altogether and no disease has the right to snatch this experience away from them.

But it is you who have to make sure that your fertility does not meet an unfortunate end simply because you were too lazy to implement the above written five tips. PCOS induced fertility problems can be cured by following the above five steps and getting the right treatment. If you need more information, then consult a doctor or let us know. We will gladly help you with anything in our capacity

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