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Getting pregnant and PCOS

Getting pregnant and PCOS

Getting pregnant and PCOS :Are you are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and interested in having a baby? Do you have the fear that whether you will become pregnant or not? How much time it may take you to conceive?

Well, it is a tricky question because there are many variables and few guarantees. For example, How old are you? How old is your partner? Do you both have good health?  How well is your PCOS managed?

PCOS the most common cause of fertility

PCOS  is one of the common causes of female fertility and it affects an estimated 5 million women. But yes, you can get pregnant with PCOS. Vedas cure, offer you ayurvedic treatment for PCOS which will help you to get back your fertility with no side effect. With a combination of lifestyle changes and ayurvedic medication, you can easily conceive.

If you are willing to get pregnant, you have to lose your weight to restart your ovulation. It is true that many (but not all) women struggle with obesity. 

One of the main reason why women with PCOS can’t conceive is that they do not ovulate or they do not ovulate regularly.  Women with PCOS and excess body weight are more likely to experience more severe anovulation, which means going months in between periods. 

Studies have revealed that if you lose some extra pounds it may bring back your ovulation.

Unfortunately, there is not much evidence that losing some extra body weight will help you in conceiving on your own as well.  According to some research, it has found that women who have lost extra body weight have a chance of fertility treatment success. 

But it is true that losing body weight is not easy for everyone and it is even more difficult with PCOS patients.  If that is your situation, weight loss is not a solution and will definitely not help your fertility. 

Make sure that you have take a test to check your insulin level. If you are insulin resistant, Ayurvedic drugs help in treating the insulin resistance and will even help you to lose that extra body weight. 

Diet, Exercise, and PCOS

PCOS patients should consume a healthy diet. This will prevent you from gaining excess body weight and help in your insulin regulation.

Your diet should be rich in nutrient-rich foods, adequate protein and the sugar-based diet should be low. Junk and processed food should be completely avoided as this will help you in reducing your PCOS symptoms.

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