How Much And How Often Exercise For PCOS Is Required

As we have already discussed how PCOS in women affects its fertility rate. It is important to follow a strict and healthy diet along with a certain form of exercise that helps to maintain the level of hormone and helps to cope with the PCOS symptoms. 

Exercise helps to keep us fit and healthy. However, it is important to know how much exercise is important and what is the best type of exercise that helps to manage PCOS. 

Exercise for PCOS helps to improve the insulin sensitivity, frequency of ovulation, cholesterol level along with body composition. However, it is not necessary that every woman will experience some weight loss while doing exercise, but you will definitely see certain changes related to PCOS. 

How does exercise help in PCOS –

Likewise, while performing a particular exercise we are able to manage diabetes by controlling the insulin. In a similar way, we can easily manage PCOS by controlling the testosterone level, the major cause of various PCOS symptoms.

Let us start with some form of exercises – 

Strength training vs. cardio – 

However, both the exercises have different benefits, but they should be done in combination – 

Strength training builds and strengthens the muscles that help to raise the basal metabolic rate (BMI). This further helps to burn more calories while you are resting and while you are doing exercise. 

On the other hand, cardio helps to increase the heart rate and thus helps to increase the total calories used that helps in weight loss. This further helps to reduce the risk of various cardiovascular problems in PCOS women. 

Duration of exercise – 

This is very important to keep in mind the duration of the exercise. It must be around 150 minutes of exercise in a week. This duration must include moderate to high aerobic exercise. 

How to start and sustain an exercise for PCOS – 

If you are new and worried about doing 150 minutes a week. You must start with the exercise that is easy, interesting and includes fun. 

You must start with Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobic classes, Cycling, Hiking or Walking, and Swimming, etc. 

Whatever exercise you are comfortable with just stick to it. If you find any exercise comfortable then further pursue some other form of exercise that changes the mind and the dedication level. 

Women with PCOS must never lose hope. It is hard but not impossible to manage the symptoms. You can feel better by introducing three important components like nutrient-enriched food items, regular exercise, and low-stress activities. It is very important to indulge in an exercise that you enjoy doing. This further prevents you from stressing out while adhering to a particular work out. The less you will stress the more you will feel better both inside and out.    




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