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Pcod diet chart for weight loss


Diet and exercise play an important role in your PCOD/PCOS. In addition, they help in managing your diet plan for PCOD/PCOS. Moreover, young women with PCOD/PCOS have increased levels of insulin (a hormone). Therefore they face difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. When you are aware the type of food you have to take and the type of food you have to avoid then only you can improve your overall weight. When you eat well, stay active and maintain a healthy weight you can improve your PCOD/PCOS symptoms.

The Right PCOD Diet

“How To Manage The Right Nutrition To Fight PCOD ?”

There have been a lot of reports on a lot of diseases about how one can fight them by eating the right food. Our body is a complex machine which works way better than anything that we have designed, therefore, to keep it running we must know what kind of fuel would suit it best.

Apart from that, our bodies are being subjected to an environment which is not quite suitable for its sustenance and causes several diseases. PCOD also finds it roots in our surroundings like toxins in environment, diet and hygiene. It is a disease which is commonly found in women and affects the functionality of their bodies in a great way. To combat this disease, they can resort to any kind of treatment available for it. Apart from treatment, what is more important here is that their bodies get the right nutrition and hence we will see what kind of nutrition is best to fight PCOD.

natural treatment of pcod low carb diet that help

Low Carbohydrates Intake

When you are considering a diet for PCOD, then you must keep yourself from eating carbohydrate rich foods. Foods which have a lot of carbs like white bread and pastas should be off of your PCOD diet chart no matter how dear you hold them to you

It is because PCOD affects the sugar levels of your body and carbohydrates are a rich source of sugar. Any kind of eatable which consists of sugar or carbs should not be eaten when you are suffering from PCOD.

To get maximum benefit, you should instead try eating items which can replace the carbs like brown bread or nuts. Nuts have a lot of healthy fats and they go really well with alternatives of carbohydrates rich foods.

 For example, peanut butter spread over a slice of brown bread provide a lot of energy and healthy fats to your body.

Avoid Taking Alcohol

It is obvious that alcohol consumption has some serious health concern and that is why it is considered to be an unhealthy beverage. For PCOD patients, alcohol is a major reason behind the fluctuations in their blood sugar levels

Apart from that, it is a warm liquid which often raises the blood pressure. Apart from that, the nervous system is also severely affected which causes the patient’s ability to think and do vastly. Therefore, alcohol must be avoided when you are following the PCOD diet chart

Alcohol also causes damage to digestive system with problems like inflammation, gas and diarrhea.

Consume Multivitamins or Vitamin Rich Fruits

Lack of nutrients in the body of a PCOD patient can be problematic on so many levels. If the body is lacking in vitamin-c then the hair loss problem gets serious and the patients might not be able to grow back what they have lost during their PCOD.
Vitamin-C is essential in hair gain. Therefore it is safe to deduce from this that a PCOD diet must include vitamin rich fruits or foods. Vitamin-D will help strengthen your bones and the easiest way to get that vitamin is sunlight which is totally free of cost.

If due to some reasons, you are unable to manage the balance of vitamins in your body, then you should try eating multivitamins which will compensate for the lack of this nutrient in your body.

For PCOD patients, multivitamins are a boon because they reduce the risk of infertility by a large percentage. So, keep all your excuses and inhibitions aside and try eating some of these multivitamins.

Include Antioxidants Rich Food in Your PCOD Diet Chart

Antioxidants prevent the food from getting stale by protecting them against oxygen. The different minerals present in our foods often react with oxygen to form oxides and hence it becomes important to add some antioxidants to them.

But how do antioxidants rich foods help fight PCOD? Foods like walnuts and oranges are highly rich in antioxidants. Therefore, they play a major role in the diet of a PCOD patient.

Relax For A While

It is understandable that PCOD takes a lot of toll on your mental and physical well being. Asking you to follow a PCOD diet chart for weight loss is likely to annoy you as you are already going through a lot.

Well, you can take a break. Give some time to yourself so that you don’t lose your sanity to an easily curable disease.

These were a few methods with the help of which you could combat your PCOD. The effects of any disease on our bodies could be minimized by eating the right food and giving our bodies the right nutrition.

Depending on the nutrition that our body has received, it reacts to the disease which plays a vital role in curing us. It is us who have to decide whether we want to endure the adversities of having the disease for a long time or get rid of them as soon as we can. For any health related problems, keep visiting our space or subscribe to us for getting latest updates. We are here to help you by keeping you healthy.

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Is there a requirement for special food in diet plan for PCOD?

It is the most common question which arises to one’s mind. No, you need not buy any special and fancy food. Your PCOD diet should comprise of a balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, protein based on plants, lean meats, and unsaturated healthy fats. However, most of the foods get fit into the PCOD diet.


Still, try to look for high-fiber grains which include brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and many more. You need not get fooled up by food material that is fat-free. Instead, contain a lot of added sugar. You should also not switch to a sugar-free food item (such as baked goods) are made up of refined grains (white flour) which in turn can easily raise your insulin level in the same way as sugar does.You can go with some other forms of sugar and carbohydrate free food items.


As these are sweetened with the help of artificial sweetener and can be a good alternative as they don’t upset your stomach.  Immense research has been done but there is no scientific data which suggest that small amount can be harmful to our health. However, as we all know that these are processed food item so try to select the natural form. You can slice a lemon in warm water and have it instead of a diet coke or lemonade.

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