Diet and exercise play an important role in your PCOD/PCOS. In addition, they help in managing your diet plan for PCOD/PCOS. Moreover, young women with PCOD/PCOS have increased levels of insulin (a hormone). Therefore they face difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. When you are aware the type of food you have to take and the type of food you have to avoid then only you can improve your overall weight. When you eat well, stay active and maintain a healthy weight you can improve your PCOD/PCOS symptoms.

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Food items you should avoid

  • Canned fruit juice or bottled juice in different flavors.
  • Vegetables which contains starch like potatoes,peas etc.
  • Food which contains sugar such as cookies, candy, and cakes.Snacks which includes potato chips etc.
  • White flour is the main ingredient in making refined grain. For example – White bread and pasta, white rice or bagels.
  • Sugared cereals which include Lucky charms, Fruit loops, Frosted Flakes etc.Drinks which includes sugar like soda or juice.

Food items that perfectly fit your diet plan

  • Fresh fruits or frozen fruits without added sugar or unsweetened applesauce. Unsweetened ice tea can be a good option.
  • Vegetables free from starch or which includes frozen/canned vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and carrots. 
  • Include whole grain food items which include whole wheat pasta, brown rice, oats, and whole wheat bread etc. 
  • Goods which are highly fiber baked made with the help of oats and whole wheat flour are good to eat and digest properly.

Is there a requirement for special food in diet plan for PCOD?

It is the most common question which arises to one’s mind. No, you need not buy any special and fancy food. Your PCOD diet should comprise of a balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, protein based on plants, lean meats, and unsaturated healthy fats. However, most of the foods get fit into the PCOD diet. Still, try to look for high-fiber grains which include brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and many more. You need not get fooled up by food material that is fat-free. Instead, contain a lot of added sugar. You should also not switch to a sugar-free food item (such as baked goods) are made up of refined grains (white flour) which in turn can easily raise your insulin level in the same way as sugar does.You can go with some other forms of sugar and carbohydrate free food items. As these are sweetened with the help of artificial sweetener and can be a good alternative as they don’t upset your stomach.  Immense research has been done but there is no scientific data which suggest that small amount can be harmful to our health. However, as we all know that these are processed food item so try to select the natural form. You can slice a lemon in warm water and have it instead of a diet coke or lemonade.

What do you mean by the Nutrition Facts label in a diet plan for PCOD?

The nutrition facts label explains that what exact amount of nutrient and how much those nutrients are found in one serving of the food. This is mostly located on the outside of most of the food packages but is not available on most of the fresh foods which include fruits, vegetables or meat. The below nutrition facts label will help you in making choices about the food you consume.


Serving Size of the food: -

It includes the nutrients available in one serving. A list of other nutrient values is also there on the label.

The total amount of fat: -

Fats are very necessary for our body to function. Monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat, they both are healthy for the heart.

Trans fat: -

Avoid trans fat as it is not good for your body.

Calories obtained from fat: -

This number indicates the number of calories which comes from fat.


Daily percentage value

This indicates, in one particular serving the percentage of recommended daily value that you receive. If a food contains more than 26% of the daily value it is an excellent source.

Serving according to the per package: -

This number indicates how many servings you can get from one package. Some package includes single serving but generally, most of them include more than one serving in a package.

In total calories
: -

Carbohydrates, protein, and fat in common include a unit of energy which is termed as calories. They facilitate energy so that we can think and become active.

: -

you can easily found cholesterol in animal products.However consuming the extended amount of cholesterol is not good  for health. 

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