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Androgen Excess

Androgen Excess Quiz:-

In females, androgen excess leads to the development of facial hair in such parts of the body where generally men used to grow hair. Androgen is mainly known as ‘male hormone’, but don’t let the name fool yourself. As both men and women produce androgens, the only difference lies in the amount of androgen release. However, androgen is responsible for more than 150 actions in women. They are present in large amount in comparison to estrogens.
Testosterone and androstenedione, both are the main androgen. In men, they are present in an increased amount. Thus play an important role in male traits along with pregnancy based issue.
The main purpose of androgen is to convert into the female hormone, estrogen in woman.

Production of androgen in women is in the ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat cells. Every woman produces either a good quantity or in a little quantity. You can easily see an increased amount of androgen along with androgen deficiency in women.

However in women androgen hormone play a major role, which is even responsible for balancing the hormones, kick-starting the puberty, stimulate the hair growth in the underarm along with pubic areas. This hormone is responsible to regulate the function of many organs which includes the reproductive tract, liver, kidney, bone, and muscles. In adult women, androgen is important for the synthesis of estrogen and they even play an important role in the prevention of bone loss along with sexual desire.

When there is an androgen excess it can pose a problem which results in ‘virilizing effects’ which includes acne, hirsutism (excess amount of hair growth in inappropriate places like in the chin portion or upper lip) and thinning of hair on the head (balding).

Now let’s have a look on the Androgen Excess Quiz: –

1. I have hirsutism (the growth of excess or coarse hair on my chin, face, upper lip, chest or upper lip).

2. I have a significant amount of acne on my face which begins after the age of twenty. They are more concentrated around my jawline, back or chin or has recurred after intensive treatment such as isotretinoin and birth control pills.

3. I have hair loss that is either diffuse or is concentrated behind the front hairline.

4. I have a deep hoarse voice.

5. I have a high DHEA-S, testosterone, androstenedione, or DHT levels on blood testing.

Among the following five questions if your answer is yes to any one of this, then androgen excess factor is playing a significant role in your PCOD.

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