PCOD Diet 


PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disorder is a hormonal disorder. In this, there is a development of small cysts in the ovaries. A woman has to face infertility issues and it is not easy to become pregnant with PCOD. Moreover, PCOD hampers the physical appearance as due to hormonal imbalance there is excessive facial hair growth along with marks of acne and pimples. PCOD Diet will help to reduce multiple challenges coming your way.

Treatment and management of PCOD require patience and a strict diet. Symptoms of PCOD become aggravated if you consume refined flour, sugar, dairy products, and carbohydrates. Also, try to reduce these food items with raw fruits, green leafy vegetables, and food items with low glycaemic index to increase the nutrition in the body and for effective weight loss. Furthermore, food items that have a high glycaemic index tend to quickly raise the blood sugar level and helps to compensate for the glucose in the bloodstream. These food items might look tasty and appealing but they are high in calories and contains little or no nutritional value. Green leafy vegetables have more nutrients as per calories than any other food item. Moreover, they are loaded with the goodness of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium along with vitamin K, C, E, and multiple variants of Vitamin B.

Also, Vitamin B is very essential to manage the symptoms of PCOD.

Let us check out a few symptoms of PCOD to follow a strict diet – 

  1. Irregular or no period at all
  2. Excessive hair growth on face and body
  3. Hair thinning or baldness
  4. Obesity
  5. Insulin resistance
  6. Anxiety

PCOD Diet must be followed by every woman suffering from PCOD – 

  1. Cereals – Whole wheat, Brown rice, Oats, Jowar, Bajra, Ragi
  2. Pulses – Bengal gram, Red gram, Green Gram, Black Gram,
  3. Vegetables – Green leafy vegetables, ladies finger, etc
  4. Fruits – Fruits enriched with vitamin C like orange, grapefruit, lemon, berries-strawberry, blackberry, cranberry, papaya, pineapple guava, etc.
  5. Milk along with milk products like low-fat milk, low-fat curd, etc.
  6. Meat, fish, and egg along with healthy fishes like Salmon, Sardines, Trout, Mackerel, and Tuna.
  7. Oil up to 10ml along with sugar up to 10 gm
  8. Beverages like green tea

The thing to Do and Avoid in PCOD Diet –

Do’s – 

  1. Load your diet with high fiber carbohydrate diet
  2. Emphasize on lean protein food
  3. Monosaturated and omega 3 fatty acid foods are a must
  4. Different varieties of fruits and vegetables
  5. So, a minimum of 2 liters of water is a must
  6. Regular exercise with an active lifestyle

Don’t – 

  1. Never skip your meals
  2. Similarly, never consume a heavy meal or spicy meal at a time
  3. Also, say no to processed juices and soft drinks
  4. Avoid deep-fried food items



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